5 Incredible Luxury Trekking Destinations for Your Next Adventure

Some treks are epic due to the stunning scenery you’ll encounter along the way, while others are because of the superhuman levels required to reach the summit. Either way, all treks have one thing in common – a sense of adventure transforming a simple walk into an unforgettable expedition. If you’re planning your next trekking excursion and want to add a sense of luxury to the journey, here are some of the most incredible and luxurious destinations to consider for your next adventure.


Mongolia is a gorgeous landlocked country in Central Asia, offering some of the world’s most scenic trails, making it a perfect destination for trekking. Mongolians lived as nomads for thousands of years and are very proud of their nomadic heritage, something you will discover during your trekking adventure in the country. While most visitors would trek on a horse, the more adventurous ones can explore on foot, which is a more exciting way to admire Mongolia’s rugged beauty. 

Mongolia boasts many great trekking opportunities giving you plenty of options for an unforgettable trekking adventure. If you have plenty of time, the Altai Mountains, which lie in the western region and are famous for their stunning natural beauty, are a great choice. The area is home to beautiful rivers and lakes, and you’ll come across them during your trek. Lake Khövsgöl is another popular spot for trekking. Walk along the shores of the lake or follow the many rivers entering the massive freshwater. 

After your rigorous trek, treat yourself to a luxurious stay at one of Ulaanbaatar’s finest luxury hotels. You will also find luxurious lodges in the remote Gobi Desert, offering first-class amenities with outstanding views.


Trekking in Jamaica is an incredible opportunity to discover the island’s breathtaking natural beauty. As one of the Caribbean’s largest islands, Jamaica offers numerous hiking trails for trekkers of all levels. You will be in awe at the beautiful scenery in every turn and bend, stretching out in every direction. 

The Blue Mountain Peak Trail, which takes you to Jamaica’s highest summit, is a 14-mile trek with gorgeous sceneries along the trail. It takes you to the part of the island famous for its Blue Mountain Coffee, which is an exciting experience for coffee lovers. The Mount Zion Trail takes you through Mount Zion Village, a small coastal village outside Montego Bay. It starts at the Cinnamon Hill golf course, winding up through hills and jungles before arriving at your final destination in Mount Zion Village.

Home to some of the Caribbean’s most luxurious villas, Jamaica is the perfect destination for luxury trekking. The island is also home to elegant spas where you can treat yourself to a relaxing massage after a day of adventures. And if you’ve built up an appetite after your trek, head to one of the island’s fancy restaurants for a delectable meal.


Home to charming rural villages surrounded by scenic rolling hills, Myanmar is another destination for an unforgettable trekking adventure. While it’s not as popular as its neighboring countries of Thailand or Vietnam, Myanmar is a fascinating country of hilly and mountainous lands, a playground for trekkers and outdoor enthusiasts. Trekking in Myanmar will take you to explore the country’s stunning rural landscapes while experiencing authentic cultural encounters. 

The trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake is one of the most popular trails for trekking in Myanmar. It takes you on a scenic walk along the green valleys of the Shan state and into picturesque flower fields past tribal villages. It starts in the small hilly town of Kalaw, where you’ll follow a path to the famous Inle lake. Here, you’ll witness local villagers living on stilt houses and growing crops through floating farms on the lake. The trek usually takes two days and includes an overnight stay at a local village, a fantastic opportunity to experience the local village life. 

Make your trekking holiday to Myanmar more luxurious by combining upscale activities, such as a luxury river cruise. These cruises will take you on a relaxing sailing adventure around Myanmar while on board a luxury ship, where you’ll sleep in elegant cabins fitted with modern amenities.


Patagonia is a vast South American region shared by Chile and Argentina. It’s famous for its majestic mountains, lovely waterfalls, magnificent glaciers, and a unique array of flora and fauna. The beauty of Patagonia is sensational, and you’ll discover this on your trekking adventure of the region. 

If you begin your trek in Chile, the Torres del Paine National Park is a great place to start. Your journey will take you to lush grasslands, with a chance encounter with incredible wildlife, including llama-like guanacos. It would take about four days to explore the park’s dramatic beauty since there are so many beautiful spots to admire and stunning viewpoints to stop. Those who will begin their trek in Argentina can start at the town of El Chalten. You can choose from two trails – Laguna de Los Tres and Laguna Torre, with both treks ideal for intermediate and advanced trekkers.

The best way to get more out of your trip here is by taking a tailor-made tour of Patagonia. This way, you get to see the many highlights in one voyage. For the ultimate adventure lovers, a visit to Patagonia is sure to impress! 


About a fifth of Brazil’s landmass is protected by conservation areas, including over 70 national parks. The country is home to numerous state parks, not to mention hundreds of nature reserves. So, it’s no surprise that Brazil is considered one of the most incredible destinations for a luxury trekking adventure. 

There are thousands of trails to conquer in Brazil, but if you are visiting Rio de Janeiro, why don’t you conquer its iconic hills? Of all the treks in Brazil, this is the most popular, as it promises breathtaking views of the city. You can trek to the Sugar Loaf Mountain, Rio’s most iconic landmark, with two trails going to the top, the Pão de Açúcar Trail and Morro da Urca Trail. Both start at Vermelha Beach.

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