13 Benefits of Summer Camp for Busy Parents and Their Children

Balancing parenting, your career, and your personal life can be challenging and tedious, especially during the summer school break. Fortunately, summer camps offer a wide range of activities to keep your children busy, allowing you the flexibility to focus on work and manage your other commitments. Many camps operate throughout the summer months, enabling you to maintain your school year schedule. If you have no plans for your children for the summer break, enrolling them in summer camp can be a great idea. Besides freeing your schedule, summer camp has numerous benefits for your children. Read on to learn about them.  


1.     An Opportunity for Continued Learning

Children enjoy learning new things at summer camp. Whether your child attends an overnight or day camp, they will have an opportunity to learn something new. Campers sign up for a new activity managed by different trainers at the summer camp daily. Some of these activities include archery, poetry writing, and learning sign language. 

2.     Nature Exploration

Nearly every summer camp in Switzerland is located in the countryside. That means children will get an opportunity to engage in various activities that allow them to explore nature. These activities include hiking, cycling through designated trails, scavenger hunting, kite flying, and bird watching. Campers collaborate in groups, making it lots of fun. They discover different flora, fauna, and wildlife along the way. 

3.     Children will have Fun

Summer camp is filled with fun activities kids enjoy, like arts and crafts, fishing, sports, beach activities, games, and spending quality time outdoors. Camp chaperones and counselors are trained to supervise these activities. They are experienced in developing fun-filled and engaging experiences for children. Further, children have an opportunity to make new friends with their peers from different schools. That boosts the children’s social confidence, enabling them to go beyond their networks to develop friendships that last a lifetime. 

4.     Kids Learn New Skills

Engaging in sports, games, and tea-based activities teaches children to respect one another, work as a team, and take the necessary steps to better their skill set or achieve a particular goal. These are valuable life skills that are hardly taught in classrooms. Many summer camps offer numerous opportunities for classroom-oriented learning for children with a specific interest in various subjects and who want to invest more time to sharpen their skills before school reopens. 

5.     Eliminates the Summer Slide

According to research, during the summer break, children lose up to two months of their spelling, math, and reading comprehension skills. Many summer camps allow children to engage in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) disciplines to control summer learning loss. These disciplines make problem-solving and learning interactive and fun. Parents can also enroll their children in camps focusing on arts, writing, and reading. 

6.     Teaches Children to be Self-confident

Children attending summer camp learn the art of negotiating and communicating without their parents. This develops confidence in their strengths and abilities. When parents or their guardians are not around, the children start making their own decision and develop social relationships and connections. 

7.     Children Learn to Appreciate the Little Things  

Spending a few days away from the comfort of their homes allows children to appreciate everything they have at home. For example, having a wide range of snacks and meals, a well-stocked fridge, taking hot showers when they want, having their laundry done, and retiring in a warm bed. They will understand what their parents do daily to ensure they are comfortable. 

8.     Promotes a Sense of Independence

When children are away from their parents, they take responsibility for their decisions and actions. For example, they must choose what to wear, eat well, and clean their surroundings. Attending summer camp is one of the ways of teaching your child how to be independent. This independence will often remain with them even after returning home. In this case, you won’t need to repeatedly remind them to clean their room, brush their teeth, or arrange their clothes. 

9.     Children Learn how to be Responsible

When children attend summer camp, they are placed in different groups and allocated duties that remain their personal responsibility. This sense of responsibility can be affixed to your children, helping them greatly in the future. 

10.   Campers Experience New Things

Attending a residential summer camp allows your child to engage in new activities that you either haven’t considered before or lack in your local area. As campers engage in fun outdoor activities and exercise their creativity, they may discover a hobby or sport they can practice for life. Has your child canoed before? Have they sat around a campfire while roasting marshmallows or singing songs? Summer camp is an ideal place for children to experience new activities. Remember, every camp is different. You want to compare different camp options to find one that best meets your child’s needs. 

11.  Camp Unlocks Hidden Talents

A good summer camp strives to unlock the hidden talents of all the attendants. Your child may realize they are natural leaders, can act, paint, dance, sing, or have unique navigational skills. Their talents are likely to emerge as they practice independence and develop self-confidence. 

12.   Make New Friends

Going summer camping where all the faces are new can be daunting. However, summer camps are a fun environment where children from different parts of the world meet and engage in activities together as a team. Further, children who adapt to new situations are highly likely to find like-minded colleagues and develop new friendships. Some of these friendships can last beyond the camping period. 

13.  Enhances Interpersonal Skills

When children have no one to speak up or answer on their behalf, they learn to do it themselves, improving their interpersonal skills. They will have to strive to have their opinions considered and voices heard. Further, they will learn to listen and take instructions from team leaders to ensure they excel in their activities and conquer challenges they may face. 


Sending your children to summer camp allows you to continue your daily schedule without worrying about them. Apart from being entertained and learning while on summer camp, your children will gain the benefits we’ve discussed here and more. Remember, your schedule as a working parent doesn’t take a break during the summer school break. As a result, summer camp programs give you peace of mind, knowing that your children are taken care of in secure and supportive environments. Summer camps eliminate the need and burden of organizing worthwhile vacations and looking after the children during the day.

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