This post talks about what not to miss in Dubai. Find out the top places in Dubai and do not miss adding them to your bucket list.

Dubai is known for its ability to draw visitors from all over the world. The grand atmosphere of Dubai is certain to make you feel like you are high above the list. The Emirate is famous for its high-end shopping, pulsating nightlife scene, and its architectural style. The architecture of Dubai will surely make you feel awestruck. There is a wide range of options in Dubai.

Dubai is a city that offers many activities. The gardens of Dubai are no less beautiful. They are magical works of art. The gardeners who designed them that are an art by themselves. The stunning and unique view from the gardens is breathtaking. Dubai offers some of the best luxury experiences as well.


Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle garden


Dubai Miracle Garden is known as The most well-known gardening area in Dubai. Dubai Miracle Garden is often referred to as one of the most impressive natural flower gardens in the world. The park is home to over 100,000 flowers. They are utilized to make huge floral arrangements. It received three-time Guinness Book of World Records. The garden has become one of the most beautiful landscapes. It is truly something to behold. Moreover, it is a stunning spot in the city. There’s not a single chance of missing out on the opportunity to explore this beautiful natural setting with your family.

Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame


Dubai Frame, which captures the coral stone home in Old Dubai on one side and the city’s skyscrapers on the other is an iconic landmark in the UAE. However, the Dubai Frame can be described as the biggest frame construction in the world. It was designed for the World Expo 2021. In other words, it is the largest frame structure in the world. Dubai Frame has been constructed by using 2000 tonnes of steel and 970 square meters of glass that has been laminated.

From Deira’s souks to its historical streets, and the Arabian desert’s immense dunes, as well as the striking waters of the Arabian Gulf and Dubai Marina’s towering buildings, you will get an amazing view of the tourist attractions that are Dubai through the Frame. Dubai Frame has a gallery located on the mezzanine floor that guides visitors through audio and audio-based presentations on Dubai’s historical roots. The exterior Wall that is part of Dubai Frame is adorned with a special kind of golden tiles, which make the structure captivating.

Dubai Fountain Lake Ride

Dubai Fountain Lake Ride


For the most thrilling experience of seeing the most stunning views of Burj Khalifa, You can go on a cruise and experience the most enthralling experience of a lifetime. The fountain is alive every half hour between 6 pm daily and is truly unique. It is possible to take the traditional “abra” from “the Burj lake” and witness the water gushing up to 500 feet above the fountain. Also, this will fill your mouth with delight. Moreover, water bikes, pedals, kayaks as well as floating gardens are offered.

Sky Dubai

It is located within The Mall of Emirates, Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort that spans over 22,500 square meters. The park is an artificial snow-covered area with an 85-meter indoor mountain. It has five simple to difficult slopes that vary in height and incline. Undoubtedly one of the most distinctive theme parks located in Dubai, Ski Dubai is an ideal destination for snowboarders and skiers across the world. It provides a range of adrenaline-pumping sports beyond snowboarding and skiing like giant snowballs, and climbing towers as well as icy body slides and sleds, toboggan trails, and much more. You can book your tickets online using its four kinds of tickets that include Snow Classic, Snow plus, Snow daycation pass, and Snow classic which allows transfers to your preferences.

Dubai’s Global Village

Dubai's Global Village

This unique event should not be missed as a family-friendly destination for a variety of reasons. In addition, it is a great place to eat, shop, and enjoy a lot of entertainment. More than 78 nations from around the globe will showcase their products and food which means you can imagine the range of shops available at this event! In addition, this event showcases the finest of cultures from around the world through a lively celebration that invites guests to an excursion to discover the diversity and richness of various nations. Alongside the unique opportunity to try world cuisine and enjoy a variety of fun and entertainment. The festival begins in November each year and continues until April.

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