Clouds were in transition. The lush green hills were vaguely visible. The sound of rain and wind weaved a perfect symphony. I was awestruck as I slid the door to step out on the balcony of my premium valley view room at Fortune Park Dalhousie. The very first view of the drenched nature and its surroundings was impeccable. It felt as if nature had painted a surreal picture that had just come alive.

The abundance of scenic beauty, striking green, virgin wilderness, and the quaint valley with misty hues were enough to make me hooked completely. This was my second time to Dalhousie, but first in the monsoon.


Where is Fortune Park Dalhousie?

Fortune Park Dalhousie flaunts one of the finest locations with clear views of the Pir-Panjal range adorned by a dense pine forest and the pristine valley. The opulent property is conveniently accessible from Dalhousie’s Gandhi Chowk. Driving through the winding road along with the pine trees makes your journey quite engaging with nature. It takes hardly 10 minutes from Gandhi Chowk to reach Fortune Park Dalhousie.


Fortune Park Dalhousie: A Luxury Abode

Me at the rooftop of Fortune Park Dalhousie

The sun-kissed valley, unhindered mountain views, and luxuries of the resort warrant your attention. The profound silence around adds to the allure. The well-appointed rooms with the desired comfort make them an ideal choice for vacationers.

After an overnight train ride and a drive through the hills, I arrived at Fortune Park Dalhousie around midday. I was greeted warmly by the hotel staff and later I was led to the valley view premium room.

The very first impression of Fortune Park Dalhousie was quite overwhelming. The elegant yet vibrant décor, niche sitting area, snug fireplace, and aesthetically designed lobby encompass a sense of style and comfort at the same time. The warmth in the behavior of the staff left an impressionable image in no time.

Fortune Park Dalhousie offers fifty-seven plush rooms and suites overlooking the verdant valley and spectacular Pir-Panjal Mountain range.

The hotel houses a rooftop café, library, spa, swimming pool, large terrace and gazebo along with a recreational room with board games.


The wind traveled through my body and raindrops kissed my cheeks as I stood still on the balcony to get mesmerized. The unfolding drama of nature got its ardent audience in me. Especially, in the monsoon, nature looks refreshing and enticing as if it has just appeared after a long shower.


I stayed in a Premium Valley View room. I loved every bit of it. It has a comfortable twin size bed with ample lights to lit up the room along with a corner sofa for your tea/coffee just next to the balcony.

What I liked best about the room was that it had a writing desk and chair, which I require in my room. As a writer, I usually look for accommodations that include a writing desk as well as other luxury facilities.

Furthermore, the nicest feature of this premium valley view is the abundance of natural light that flows via the balcony. During the day, you almost never need to turn on a light. As a result, it ensures that you have a pleasant stay throughout.

Dining & Food

At Fortune Park Dalhousie, you will relish food with jaw-dropping views. The Zodiac restaurant’s enormous glass windows give unbroken views of the mountains and the sun-kissed valley. What drew me to this restaurant was its flawless service. The restaurant staff is very courteous and attentive during your dining hour.


The live music during my dinner was a fantastic addition as you hardly get it in any other hotels except city cafes.


Being an ardent lover of local food, the idea of tasting it in any location excites me immediately.The Executive Chef Mr. Chuni Verma prepared an authentic Himachali Thali for me. The elaborate Himachali Thali was beyond delectable. The traditional Thali had Madra (a thick yogurt-based gravy made from chickpeas), Maa ki daal (black lentils soup) rice, Chha Gosht (Himachali Style Mutton Curry) salad, and chapati.


I was told that in each district, the Himachali Dham is prepared differently. It depends on the altitude and the weather of the place. The traditional Himachali food is similar to Kashmiri Wazwan as their dishes are mostly yogurt-based. As you turn the pages of history you will see how the King of Himachal Pradesh was influenced by the Kashmiri traditional feast and sent his cooks to prepare a similar feast back home without the use of meat and onion, or garlic.

Rooftop Café & Library

What I loved the most about Fortune Park Dalhousie is the impeccable landscape it offers. If you are into nature and love spending hours admiring the spectacular scenery like a rising sun or dazzling sunset, you must spend time at the rooftop café at Fortune Park Dalhousie.

Sitting on the balcony of the rooftop café with your choice of hot beverage can persuade you with the beautiful, picturesque panoramas. Despite traveling in the monsoon where cloud-laden hills were a constant companion throughout my stay, I was blessed to witness the finest sunset views from the café when the sky cleared up after a heavy shower. It was nothing less than an outlandish spectacle.

If you are a book lover, you can also lounge inside with your book along with a cup of coffee beside you. I love those spaces that allow me to celebrate silence and be intimate with nature. The distinct sound of nature just adds the right amount of romance to the aura.

Places to explore around Dalhousie

Dalhousie is a prominent tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh. During the summer, it is a favorite among discerning travelers. This hill station entices visitors with its pine-clad valleys and distant mountain peaks. Dalhousie was named after the British viceroy of colonial India, Lord Dalhousie, who founded it in the 1850s.

Dalhousie flaunts five hills, namely Balun, Bakrota, Tehra, Patreyn, and Kathlog. The pleasant climate and peaceful atmosphere make it an ideal destination in Himachal Pradesh. The old-world charm of Dalhousie is another highlight of the famous hill station.

Dalhousie offers a wide variety of places and activities for all kinds of travelers. So, whether you are an adventure junkie, nature lover, spiritual person, or occasional vacationer, it has everything to soothe your travel style.

Gandhi Chowk

When in Dalhousie, you cannot miss wandering around the Gandhi Chowk. Whether you want to do shopping, eat street food, buy woolens from the Tibetan market, or explore around, the Gandhi Chowk is a must-visit for travelers.

What I loved the most about Gandhi Chowk is that you can take a long walk on those winding roads in the evening watching the Sun go behind those mountains.


Khajjiar is hardly 22 km from Dalhousie. It takes around an hour to reach the picture-perfect meadow encircled by dense deodar forest and mountains. It attracts thousands of tourists every year due to its mesmerizing beauty. Especially in the monsoon season, everything looks refreshingly green.

Tourists mostly visit here to enjoy the picturesque landscape and also indulge in various activities like horse riding, paragliding, Zorbing, etc. You will be often approached by the locals to try traditional Himachali attire to get framed by the local photographers. There are a lot of eatery options available there. Do not forget to visit Khajji Nag Temple and Khajjiar lake.

Dainkund Peak

If you love hiking and trekking in the hills, you must not miss the Dainkund trek in Dalhousie. Located at an altitude of 2755 meters, Dainkund peak is the highest mount in Dalhousie, from where you can enjoy an uninterrupted view of the valleys and the mountain ranges.

Once you reach the top of the hills, do not miss visiting Pholani Devi Temple. It is said that if you wish for something here, it comes true. Perched on the top of the mount, from this temple premise, you get the best panoramic views of the valley with snow-clad mountains.

Kalatop Sanctuary

If you are visiting Dalhousie, the Kalatop Sanctuary is a must-visit. For hikers and trekkers, this place is a paradise. It offers breathtaking vistas around. Walking in the woods of pine, deodar, and oak forests is an experience to add to your list.

The Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary lies along the river Ravi. It has a variety of fauna and flora. Wild animals like bears, leopards, jackals, and langur and a wide variety of bird species are found at the sanctuary. There is also a forest guest house at the top. One can opt to stay at the guest house to get the forest feel up close.

Chamera Lake

You cannot possibly miss the breathtaking views of Chamera Lake on your way to Chamba from Dalhousie. Chamera Lake is the reservoir of the dam where the water levels up during the monsoon season. At an elevated height of 763 meters above sea level, Chamera Lake is an ideal location to plan a day out with friends and family.


Do carry your raincoat, umbrella and wear comfortable shoes while visiting this famous tourist spot, especially during the monsoon season. You can also do boating there. Do not forget to capture the compelling landscape shots. The best part of it is that you can get a clear view of Chamera Lake from the road itself.

Chamba Town

Chamba town should be on your bucket list while holidaying in Dalhousie. It takes 2 hours from Dalhousie to reach Chamba town. Chamba is the northernmost district of Himachal Pradesh. It is located at the intersection of the Dhauladhar and Zanskar ranges. Chamba is blessed with spectecular landscapes and a rich cultural heritage. When in Chamba, do not miss visiting the sacred Laxmi Narayan Temple Complex. It houses sex temples and is a major landmark of Chamba town.


Apart from this, you can also visit the Chamunda Devi Temple, Champavati Temple, and Katasan Devi Temple in Chamba. Don’t miss visiting Bhuri Singh Museum which features royal jewelry, carved wooden doors, costumes, arms, coins, Basohli painting, rare script, copper plate grants, memorial stones, musical instruments, frescoes, Guler-Kangra paintings, and many more.


Disclaimer :

The reproduction of any of the content, including the photographs without prior consent/permission of the writer, is strictly prohibited and a violation of the same will attract legal action.

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  1. Aradhana

    Lovely views and a great recommendation. We had made the trip to Dalhousie and Khajjiar way back and I remember us having booked the govt Himachal house in Khajjiar for a night’s pit stop. It’s amazing how well private properties are doing these days, it gives the traveller so many options. And a room with a view is always welcome! The lobby at this property looks royal and exquisite. I have tried Rajasthani, Gujarati, Kerala when it comes to thalis but would love to try a Himachali thali – devour the wholesome food that thalis offer.
    Aradhana recently posted…The Wild and the Beautiful: Kaziranga & ShillongMy Profile

  2. Clarice

    Wow! That view is amazing and really beautiful. Happy to know that you enjoyed your stay. Will definitely choose the Premium Valley View room too. The food looks good too. Thank you for sharing your experience at Fortune Park Dalhousie
    Clarice recently posted…Are Individual Vitamins Better Than Multivitamins?My Profile

  3. Renee

    What a great recommendation. The destination is incredible – I just love what this landscape has to offer – the dense pine forests and the slopping valley. Then of course is the hotel- I do enjoy luxury accommodations and the Fortune Park Dalhousie definitely is that! The food, the rooms and the views certainly would make this hotel a relaxing getaway.

  4. Wasim Akhtar

    This is a great and interesting information about Fortune Park Dalhousie. The hotel looks great and I love this type of luxury blog. The beautiful view, landscape, mountains and forests etc. are very beautiful here.

  5. Joanna

    The design of this hotel is outstanding. And the views, wow! I would love to stay in that valley view room as well, I can only imagine how serene the experience is, waking up in the morning and opening your eyes to that incredible scenery. I like that the hotel has such bright colours that match the nature surrounding it so much. The food they serve looks outstanding as well. How lovely that the chef cooked such a great selection of dishes for you. I love thali, I have had quite a few during my trip to North India. However, I am not familiar with the Himachali cuisine. I’d love to try it sometimes.

  6. grasya

    Looks very posh. I’m a foodie so I really like how you showcase the food here.

    I used to highlight luxury stuff on my blog, but I get scammed online afterwards xD.. so I try to be discreet and careful not to let bad elements know my whereabouts. Hope to visit the fairy place once I get to travel again.

  7. grasya

    Looks very posh. I’m a foodie so I really like how you showcase the food here.

    I used to highlight luxury stuff on my blog, but I get scammed online afterwards xD.. so I try to be discreet and careful not to let bad elements know my whereabouts. Hope to visit the fairy place once I get to travel again.

  8. Pilar

    This Fortune Park Dalhouise hotel is like a dream. So much luxury in the middle of such a stunning natural landscapes. The activities in the area are also pretty interesting. I am very keen on visiting the “Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary” and do some animal life watching. It must be so much fun to spot the bears, leopards and jackals. Hiking to “The Chamera” lake seems like an adventure.

    • Ossama Alnuwaiser

      The view of the valley is spectacular from the hotel. Overal an Interesting recommendations and nature is something that I love and adore. The fortune Park is amazingly beautiful

  9. Bhushavali

    I’m always in love with those hotel rooms with a view of such happy & serene greenery. The view is absolutely mesmerizing and absolutely fabulous. Fortune Park seems to have a blend of royal charm and a contemporary style. I love the Zodiac Restaurant’s huge glass windows. Having breakfast with such a view is just wow!!! The Himachali thali looks delicious & sumptuous. As much as I would love to explore Chamba, Khajjiar and Dainkund Peak, to get myself out of that luxurious room wrapped in nature would be a task!!! Haha…
    Bhushavali recently posted…Museums in Antwerp (Flanders – Belgium)My Profile

  10. Jasbir Singh Chatha

    Stayed in property for three days ,it was excellent stay.very well trained staff. Hospitality is excellent must appreciate.Foid is also really good, best in town


    The whole property oozes such beauty. Lovely pictures.


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