How often have you taken into consideration holistic wellness in your life seriously? In this hurried life, we are running unceasingly to live a mechanical life. It runs on automation. We hardly think of slowing down until and unless something worrisome occurs. However, it is imperative to pause a bit and examine your mind, body, and soul from time to time. A rejuvenating holiday helps you to heal naturally. In other words, it is the need of the hour for city dwellers. Naad Wellness comes to your rescue when it is a question of your holistic wellbeing.


Located just an hour’s drive from Delhi, Naad Wellness is a luxury wellness retreat that offers Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and Yoga therapies to restore the balance of your five senses. It allows you to slow down, listen to your body’s needs and let you positively observe the senses. Rooted in the ancient’s philosophy, the age-old therapies that Naad Wellness offers not just help you to heal your body, but also make you aware of yourself in the most conscious way.


Naad, the name signifies sound. A transcendental sound that echoes through the universe and creates a profound vibration that is believed to have originated with its creation. Naad means “essence of all sound.” As Manoj Khetan (Co-founder of Naad Wellness) said,Good and healthy mind will always give you the vibration and it creates an impeccable aura.”

At Naad Wellness, you find your sound and they create the aura where your healing journey shapes you with the curated experiences and customized wellness program.

Being a Travel Blogger invariably keeps me on the run all the time. Taking flights, checking in at luxury resorts, or exploring new destinations have left my body in fatigue. I realized this when my body started giving me signs to slow down and take account of it. Naad Wellness retreat is the new address for wellness right outside Delhi.

As soon as I stepped inside the iron gate, I was overwhelmed by the very first look it. It was nothing less than a green paradise. It felt as if I was in a completely different world altogether. Calmness and serenity just engulfed me the moment I walked into the lobby.

The soothing background music and the rhythmic sound of water cascading down from the wall created the perfect synergy in the air. I was welcomed by the staff with their traditional welcoming rituals and was soon handed over the keys to my well-appointed room. My very first impression of Naad Wellness was awe-inspiring.



What strikes a chord is the way they have built a wellness retreat in the middle of an urban setup and yet it separates the two worlds so seamlessly. Their thought process reflects in each corner. Whether it is the green floor tiles, stone pathways, large central courtyard, the footprint-shaped pool, the big garden with a large yoga pavilion, a walking trail on the premise, or the yoga hall with large life-size windows, it makes you appreciate the efforts they have put into building this wellness heaven.

The first thing that drew my attention was the natural lights. It’s a rare sight for a city dweller like me. The entire resort flaunts ample sunlight throughout the day.

There is hardly any corner where you do not see bright sunlight. It shows how well-thought and planned this wellness retreat is even though it is encircled by concrete buildings.

Being an ardent plant lover, I was eccentric to see the innumerable indoor plants adorning the entire space. It gives such a calming aura to your surroundings. It had transported me to a comforting zone in no time. Naad Wellness is not just about the therapies and treatments, but they emphasize how the environment can heal you without your knowledge.

Naad Wellness offers a wide range of customized therapies and treatments like Turkish Hammam, Himalayan Salt Cave, Reflexology, various spa therapies, foot massages, and more. What makes it unique is its approach to the healing process which is personalized.

The simplicity of the place and the welcoming behavior of their handpicked staff floored me completely. There are a few distinctive features that make Naad Wellness stand apart when it comes to a wellness retreat. Let’s find out….


I had no idea until I landed at Naad Wellness retreat that I did not need anything except my phone and wallet. As soon as I entered my room, I saw a white Kurta Pajama laid out on the bed. This is a uniform during your stay. It allows you to be part of the wellness regime instantly and diminishes your economic status. According to Mr. Manoj Khetan, “Once you are at Naad Wellness, you should not worry about anything. We will take care of you. There is no one to judge you. You are here for a purpose. We are here to give justice to your purpose, not there to judge you on any ground.”

I believe that the approach to treating everyone equally irrespective of their economic and social status and also personal equation makes it an ideal place to start your healing process right at the beginning of your stay. Moreover, the simplicity of the white attire and the after effect of wearing it automatically calms you down. I found this approach towards the holistic wellness apt at Naad Wellness.


Before the therapies, you are requested to go for a private doctor consultation at Naad Wellness. The resident Ayurvedic and Naturopathic doctor consults with you in detail about your pre-health conditions, food habits, and lifestyle. It is followed by the BMI (body mass index) test. Depending on the doctor’s consultation and BMI report, the doctor decides the wellness therapies, your customized treatments, and your diet during your stay at Naad Wellness.

What I loved about the entire process is that everything is customized. Even though they have a varied list of wellness therapies and treatments, you cannot choose them on their own. It is decided only after considering numerous factors. Therefore, it makes the experience more personal and intimate.

I experienced daily yoga sessions, several spa therapies, reflexology, guided meditation, and other daily rituals at Naad Wellness. What I loved the most was the salt cave experience which was completely new to me.

This is a must-have healing experience at Naad Wellness. Ideally, you are asked to sit with bare minimum clothes so that the heat can absorb and release the allergens, toxins, and foreign substances in the lungs and the respiratory tract. Moreover, it helps you to release stress and improves sleep patterns.


Food plays a significant role in our well-being. We often ignore healthy options and rather opt for junk food just to satiate our palate. Unconsciously we have been damaging our health regularly. The greasy, fatty, and spicy combination makes it worst for a healthy living.

At Naad Wellness, your food is decided based on your body type, medical history, and health objective. They celebrate conscious eating with the right amount of protein, carbs, and fat. It adds the highest level of nutrition value to your food.

I could not imagine myself relishing this healthier version of food on my plate before I landed at Naad Wellness. The best part of the food at Ahara restaurant is that the ingredients are sourced from their vegetable garden and cooked in desi ghee and cold-pressed oils.

Whether it is beetroot kebab served in the evening with an herbal tea, Broccoli and almond soup along with green salad during dinner, or an omelet made of oats and vegetables along with butterfly tea, every meal at Naad Wellness is prepared mindfully to heal you holistically.

I was surprised how I was satiating my taste bud with the portion-controlled and curated food menu at Ahara. Even though I am not a person to indulge in Salads, I loved what they offered to my plate each day.

One meal that left a lasting impression on my mind was their Thali. I was overwhelmed by how each bowl was prepared so mindfully and presented. Each dish was delicious. Don’t miss their sweet treat after lunch.


Anything created consciously keeping in mind the purpose of the place makes it stand out in the crowd instantly. Naad Wellness Retreat is the perfect example of it. Before entering the premises, not even in my wildest dream did I imagine Naad Wellness Retreat to turn out to be a green oasis.

The high fence with eye-arresting green plants encircled the boundary. The pathway to the main entrance is filled with plants which are followed by a large urli bowl filled with seasonal flowers right at the doorstep.

The very first impression of the Naad Wellness retreat was remarkable. The moment I rolled my eyes around the lobby, the color green dominated my vista everywhere.

From floor tiles, and indoor plants, to lush poolside to the Yoga pavilion, your eyes will meet only a green paradise. This brings such a change especially when the retreat is in an urban setup, yet it lets you breathe in a refreshingly enchanting world.

Mr. Khaitan said, “Wellness is a wealth of health”. So, if you are looking for a wellness retreat in the proximity of Delhi, Naad Wellness is the new address for holistic wellness.


Naad Wellness is situated in the middle of Ansal Sushant City in Kundli, Sonipat. It is just an hour’s drive from Delhi.

Find out the address below:

Naad Marg, Ansal Sushant City, Sector 62, Kundli, Delhi NCR 131028, India.

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