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A Snorkeler’s Guide to Exploring Santorini’s Seas

If you’re looking to explore Santorini’s underwater world, here’s a quick guide on all you need to know to ensure you can have a trip to remember. This guide will help you to get everything you wanted to about Snorkeling in Santorini.

The island of Santorini is best known as a couple’s paradise. With the picture-postcard scenery and stunning beaches, it creats the perfect backdrop for a romantic retreat. But, this Aegean jewel is so much more than just a playground for newlyweds. In other words, there is plenty to attract all different types of travelers.

With other attractions, like horse riding on the beach, or watching the famous sunset over the blue-domed churches, activities like snorkeling in Santorinican often get overlooked. However, seas around the island have all the ingredients for a memorable snorkeling excursion. With the warm, clear waters simply beckoning you in to take a dip.

Best time to visit


The favorable weather enjoyed all year round in this part of the world. Therefore, there is never really a bad time to visit Santorini.

The sea temperatures will be at their most pleasant, surpassing 25°C on average in July and August. However, at this time of year, you’ll also have to compete with bustling beaches and busier restaurants. Beacuse, the majority of tourism takes place during the summer.

If you want to avoid the crowds but still take advantage of warmer sea temperatures, head to the island in early autumn. You can expect the temperature of the water to be above the 20°C mark. Visibility of the seas around the island is also fantastic at any time of the year. You can expect to see for around 20 to 30 meters, which makes for perfect snorkeling conditions.

What can you expect to see?

 Santorini sea looks blissful


Because of the glowing reputation for its seafood, it’ll come as no surprise that you get an extensive range of different fish species and other underwater wildlife. You can expect to see sea turtles, sardines, groupers, and a whole host of other colorful schools of fish. Make sure to also keep an eye out for the octopi who like to lurk between the rock formations.

Beyond the exotic sea life, the main attraction of snorkeling in Santorini is the opportunity to experience the volcanic caldera up close and personal. Santorini’s fascinating geology is on display both on land and at sea. So, for the most in-depth exploration, consider a snorkeling tour with a local guide.

Where to go

Aerial view of Santorini

Whichever part of the island’s coastline you find yourself on, you’ll never be short of places to start your Santorini snorkeling adventure. One of the most famous and popular beaches on the island is Red Beach, which is nestled on the southwest coast.

The typically calm waters will be impossible to resist. If you’re staying in and around Oia in the north, head to Amoudi Beach, which is another great snorkeling spot, particularly for beginners.

Do bear in mind that due to the geological makeup of the island, the seabeds are often rocky and uncomfortable to walk on. So it’s recommended to wear water shoes when exploring Santorini’s seas.

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