How long will Expo 2020 Dubai Last, and where is the Next One?

Over the last almost six months, a major event was going on in Dubai, and it attracted millions of people to Dubai; the Dubai expo 2020. Unlike other Dubai expos, this one has been a world expo.

You have heard all about it, and here we look at when this expo will end and where the next one will be hosted.

The six months Dubai expo 2020 is coming to an end very soon. If you have plans to attend Dubai expo 2020, you need to make up your mind because time is running out.

If you are among those who thought there was enough time for their Dubai expo 2020, which started in October 2021, there are only two weeks remaining. The expo will conclude in March 2021; thus, it is now, or you wait until next time.

The Dubai expo has been one of a kind. It took time to organize and was even on the verge of being canceled due to the COVID virus. As it enters its last fortnight, still visitors are welcome to the expo. There is so much to make out of this EXPO, and those who have attended can attest.

A variety of unique experiences await visitors at most of the pavilions and the technological marvel Al Wasl Plaza, which features the world’s largest 360-degree projection dome.

You will get to unleash your inner child at the giant slide in the Luxembourg Pavilion, walking through a sea of fog in the Switzerland Pavilion, and other several unique experiences as you get from one pavilion to another.



All is not lost; you can still get to Dubai and not be hearing about Expo 2020 as stories. The Dubai expo is unlike the other Dubai expos you hear every time and now. The Dubai expo 202 is a worldwide expo that has attracted millions of people.

You can book your flight today to Dubai to get first-hand experience of what you are hearing around today. All you need is to have UAE visit visa, plan a ticket and book where to stay in Dubai.

Time is running out; we are counting days to conclude this world expo. Get to Dubai now and see why visiting Dubai expo 2020 is the best decision I will have made this year.


The Dubai expo 202 is hosted in the Dubai South district close to Al Maktoum International Airport. The site where it is hosted is 4.38 sqm.

You can also get to the expo Dubai International Airport, Abu Dhabi International Airport and Dubai and Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminals.

At the expo, there are three main districts. There are Sustainability, Opportunity, and Mobility Districts. It is within these districts where there are pavilions. There are two verdant parks between the districts – Jubilee and Al Forsan.

Due to the vast parking, lots in each of the three thematic zones quickly fill up. Thus it is recommended to take public transportation to the Expo site to avoid parking fees. You also take Dubai Metro’s Route 2020, which will take you to the expo.

There is a drop-off point exactly outside of Al Wasl Plaza, opposite the Dubai Exhibition Centre, which puts you right in the path of Al Wasl Plaza, which is only a short walk away. The trains run around every two minutes, which is a reasonable frequency.

Here are around 203 buses dedicated to taking guests from 18 stops located around Dubai and other major towns in the UAE. In addition, 15,000 taxis and limousines have been dispatched throughout the city.

You can take advantage of the free RTA buses known as Expo Riders, which transport ticket holders to and from the venue daily. Expo is divided into three zones, each represented by a different color-coded bus. These zones are Sustainability, Opportunity, and Mobility District.


There are a lot of activities at the expo site. Countries and companies are showcasing different technology and unique products.

After the conclusion of the expo, this site will be transformed into a residential and business community, which will be referred to as District 2020. The main means of transport to this new District 2020 will be cycling.

The plan on this 4.38-square-kilometer area is to accommodate 45,000 residents and workers such as start-up businesses and multinational corporations. They will then establish operations in the mixed-use district.

So far, 600 start-ups and small businesses from different places in the world have been chosen. By October this year, the plan is expected to be launched, and the first tenants will occupy the space.

Choosing who will be tenants of this space attracted 3,000 registrations from 129 countries and only 629 shortlisted. After evaluation, 6000 meant the qualifications.


It is easy to move around this 4.38-square-kilometer area. There is facilitation to accessing all the pavilions. You should be worried about how you will get from one place to another.

Expo volunteers assist any person and have all the options at disposal, including wheelchairs and free buggies.

Additionally, visitors can use rental buggies and tour trains, which will transport them to their favorite pavilions and sites of interest.


There are different pavilions, and they are all open daily. As per the new timing stipulated on March 1, visitors are still permitted to walk the grounds after 11 p.m.

From Sunday to Thursday, Expo is open from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. (the next day); on Friday and Saturday, the site closes at 2 a.m. (the following day).


Before the start of Expo 2020 Dubai, there was a promise people would experience like no other world expo. The promise is meant because there are world-class cuisines at the Dubai expo. The best part is there is a plate for everyone and a budget.

There are classics to new recipes, street bites, and gourmet delights. All these flavors and the experience will remain in the memory of many visitors for a lifetime.

The food is prepared by more than 20 top chefs from restaurants that have achieved multiple Michelin stars – the global symbol of fine dining and culinary excellence – There are also hidden local gems available to give gastronomes a memorable experience.

When it comes to entertainment, there are musical mascots and sporting activities and children’s art and kite flying. There is entertainment for children of all ages and events that will make an indelible impression on their memories for a lifetime.


The Dubai expo 2020 will end on March 31. It will be the end of 6 months of extravaganza in Dubai. It is the first world expo to be held in the Middle East, and it opens its doors on October 1. Even though there have been talks of extension, it remains tit will end on March 31, 2022.


As the Dubai expo is coming to an end, there will be another world expo held in Osaka, Japan, in 2025. The expo in Osaka is set to begin on April 13 and close on October 13.

The world expo is held in different places worldwide after five years. It was first held in 1851 in London, where it was established.

The city of Osaka hosted the World’s Fair in 1970, with the subject ‘Progress and Harmony for Mankind’ as the central topic.

The expo topic in 2025 will be ‘Designing Future Society for Our Lives.; it is expected to draw representatives from 150 countries and 25 international organizations to participate.

The Japan Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai has emerged as one of the most popular sites for visitors. The organizers have compiled data on how much time visitors have spent in various sections, including those devoted to nature, history, and microforms. The data will be used to curate the Expo in Osaka in 2025, which will be held in Japan.

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