The domestic airline market in India is the third biggest market in the world and is likely to overtake the top spot in the next 10 to 15 years. Much of this can be attributed to India’s local airlines becoming more competitive. Local airlines have continually given affordable fares for air travel over the last few years while maintaining and upgrading their services. As a result, a rising number of clients are opting for air travel each year.

Domestic airlines are also working hard to keep their customers satisfied by offering more flexible schedules, package discounts, and simple booking systems. Since flying is the most convenient kind of transportation, it’s simple to order airline tickets based on your requirements for flight schedules, luggage information, and travel class. In India, there are a variety of low-cost carriers as well as full-service airlines, all of which sell low-cost tickets.

India now has 39 airlines, which include regular, regional, private, and freight carriers. First, let us look at the reasons why people like to choose domestic airlines as the most popular mode of travel. We have listed below several benefits of traveling to destinations from domestic airlines.


The Quickest Means of Transportation

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If you wish to go to a location that is far distant from your city, a flight will get you there faster than any other mode of transportation. You may purchase an airline ticket based on your desired flight schedule because different domestic carriers operate flights at various times of the day. You may have the option of returning to your city the same day. IndiGo is a significant no-frills airline that is recognized for never being late.

The Most Relaxing

Full-service Air India and Vistara, for example, provide a variety of pleasant alternatives in their various travel classes. Temperature control systems are available in Air India’s Economy cabins whereas, in Vistara’s Economy Class, seats are designed well and also have the facility of headrests.

Web Check-in Ensures a Smooth Journey

Web check-in is available on all domestic flights. Passengers can skip long lines at airports as a result of this. They may print their boarding passes, reserve their seats, and arrive about two hours prior to their flight. This, however, only applies to people who are just carrying hand baggage.

Cheap Flight Tickets

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Domestic airlines, regardless of where you’re going, occasionally offer enticing discounts to compete with their competitors. Furthermore, booking flight tickets a month or two in advance will save you money.

The largest full-service domestic airlines are Vistara and Air India, while the primary low-cost airlines are IndiGo, GoAir, and SpiceJet. The 8 most popular airlines in India are the following:


Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines have partnered to form Vistara. Vistara is gradually gaining a reputation for providing low-cost travel with high-quality service. The name ‘Vistara’ represents the airline’s goal of endless expansion and the people’s aspiration for it to become India’s Best Airline.

Main Office: Gurgaon


IndiGo, the low-cost airline, is the undisputed leader in the Indian domestic market. In April 2021, the airline had a market share of 54 percent with an inventory of 250 aircraft. This sets IndiGo more than 40% ahead of number two, SpiceJet, demonstrating the airline’s present market dominance. In India, unlike in other countries, the epidemic has mostly stabilized market share patterns. IndiGo’s market share has climbed from around 40-45 percent to 50-55 percent range. IndiGo has controlled the bulk of domestic flights since flight resumed.

Main Office: Gurgaon

Spice Jet

In India, it is a well-known low-cost carrier. It stands at number four in the country in terms of annual domestic passenger traffic. SpiceJet has 312 daily flights to 55 destinations, with 48 of them being domestic and seven being international. SpiceMax is the brand name for the airline’s high-end services. Free meals, priority check-in and boarding, more legroom, and other premium amenities are available.

Main Office: Gurgaon

Air India

Air India is one of the most popular local and international airlines in India. It has some of the most affordable tickets while also offering the greatest baggage capacity (25 kg for economy class) among all airlines, which is highly valued by passengers. The Maharajah, Air India’s logo, symbolizes the company’s firm conviction in providing the warmest of hospitality, making it one of India’s Best Airlines.

Main Office: Delhi

Air Asia India

This is a Malaysian low-cost airline that just began operations in India through its affiliate Air Asia India. Air Asia became the first overseas airline carrier to establish a branch in India as a result of this. Its principal base of operations is the Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru. Air Asia India provides some of the greatest customer services at unbelievable low pricing. AirAsia has won multiple honors and has been regarded as the greatest budget airline in the world for the past 10 years.

Main Office: Bengaluru

Go First

Originally named Go Air this flight was founded in November 2005 by the corporation of Wadia Group. Ever since it has amassed 8.4% market shares in terms of air travelers each year. Go First is primarily a low-cost carrier, but it recently launched the GO CLUB’s frequent flyer program, which provides premium benefits including access to airport lounges and complimentary upgrades to Business class.

Main Office: Mumbai

Air India Express

Air India’s response to low-cost airlines’ dominance of India’s domestic and international commercial aviation markets. It is a partner airline that began operations in April 2005. Air India Express mostly serves southern India, excluding Karnataka, and northern India, encompassing Maharashtra and New Delhi. It primarily focuses on the connection between India’s Tier 2 cities and Gulf and Southeast Asian countries.

Main Office: Kochi

Alliance Air

One of India’s most well-known regional airlines is a division of Air India whose mission is to provide connection to regions with smaller airports and lower flight demand. This airline maintains a collection of smaller planes that transport passengers from minor cities to bigger destinations.

Main Office: Delhi


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