4 Reasons Why Mykonos is Incredibly Appealing in January

Visiting a hot summer destination known for its legendary parties and utterly vibrant nightlife amidst the winter is not a particularly appealing thought for most people. However, in Mykonos’ case, expect to be pleasantly surprised (unless, of course, you are after the island’s vivid beach and party scene).

In fact, Mykonos is one of the most beautiful Greek islands that pampers its guests with undiminished passion, offering plenty of opportunities for fun, even in the heart of winter! Here are four reasons that could put you on that plane to Mykonos this January!

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January means cold, freezing temps, chilly days, and snowy mountains, right? Probably – in any other part of Europe or northern hemisphere country! In Mykonos, January means temperatures averaging 14oC (58oF), sunshine for the most part of the day. Also, lots of light showering your every endeavor.

If you want to relax by the sea or enjoy a stroll along the golden coastline, Mykonos remains quite inviting. Fancy water sports?

Feel free to sharpen your skills at kite-surfing and windsurfing with the north Meltemi winds powering your sails. The same applies to scuba diving, snorkeling, Jeep safari, horseback riding, etc, that you would like to try in Mykonos!


You won’t be able to experience the wildness and the signature Mykonos parties of the summertime. But there is a good deal of things going on in January, too. Besides the local celebration of the Epiphany and the aftermath of the New Year festivities that stretch till mid-January, the island hosts several Greek bands. They play live music every week (usually Sundays and perhaps Thursdays, too) at local restaurants, cafes, and bars.

As for the popular meeting points for the Mykoneans, the sea-front tavernas with the delicious Mykonos dishes, they also entertain with live traditional Greek music. Moreover, the singers are accompanied by ouzo shots of the house!


Now that the summer crowds are gone, you have the unique chance to explore the island. The best part is that you can soak up every detail of its history and natural allure with more ease. In addition, don’t miss visiting Delos Island (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and exploring archaeological sites.

The small island is home to ancient Greek palaces, the Sacred Lake, the Lions’ Gate, and many famous ancient monuments. Not to mention its idyllic views and the pristine shores!

But, except for Delos island, Mykonos is full of landmarks that can be enjoyed without squeezing yourself with thousands of other visitors. Indeed, popular attractions like the beautiful Byzantine church of Panagia Tourliani, the cobbled streets, the whitewashed houses, the colorful waterfront properties of Little Venice with the flower-filled balconies, and the windmills seem even more breathtaking in January. Only because the island has dropped its high summer rhythms.


Everything is attached to a lower price, from shopping and touring Mykonos to accommodation and dining. This is an excellent opportunity as you get to appreciate the charms of the island. It includes high-end shopping and staying at hilltop Mykonos mansions that epitomize luxury and elegance at a fraction of their summer prices.

And, no, don’t think that you’ll get services and facilities of lesser quality. Luxury property rental agencies with an exceptional, long-standing reputation show the intended respect toward their clients no matter the season!

Whether you wish to soak up mind-blowing views from your chic Mykonos villa in January, rejuvenate with a spa treatment, wander the maze-like alleys of Mykonos, and get lost in its magnetic appeal. Also, join the locals at Tavernas and share a glass of locally produced wine or a slice of onion pie, discover the charms of Mykonos at your own pace and time.

You won’t be disappointed – even without the loud parties and flocks of summer visitors!

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