Nasher Miles: Travel with the Stylish and Contemporary Luggage

Nasher Miles is the new-age digital luggage brand that presents the most efficient, travel-friendly, and affordable luggage range for all your travels.

In the era of new-age travel, your suitcase, backpacks and other luggage have become the top travel essentials. We have left behind the times when luggage was never considered as a matter to ponder when it came to travel. Today, everyone prefers to carry stylish, chic, and functional suitcases on their vacation. It is no longer just a travel essential, but a travel statement too.

The newly launched brand Nasher Miles is an excellent luggage brand containing a wide range of collections of bags for each occasion. Whether you want to go for a quick weekend gateway in Goa, your long-awaited Europe holiday, a personal trip to Kashmir, or an exotic vacation in the Maldives, the Nasher miles offer luggage for all kinds of trips.

I had recently traveled to Srinagar with my brand new suitcase. The best part about the suitcase was that it is quite light, comfortable to carry, and looks stylish at the same time.

Shikaras on Dal Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir

The name Nasher Miles has an interesting twist. The word “Nasher” is derived from the Persian word, “NasherKardan”, which means, to publish. Miles anyway denotes every mile of the journey. So, the name “Nasher Miles” refers to a promise of bringing to the world, immersive travel experiences.


Nasher Mile suitcase in my suite in Sonmarg, Kashmir
Nasher Mile suitcase in my suite in Sonmarg, Kashmir

Being a globetrotter, I am always on the run. So I always prefer lighter suitcases for my long halt travels. More than that, the look of the suitcase is also important. To begin with, affordability is another factor that I consider while buying my luggage. Moreover, the luggage has a great quality of durability with contemporary looks. Furthermore, the name of the suitcases is one of the unique highlights of Nasher Miles. Let’s find out why Nasher Miles is the upcoming premium luggage brand for travellers.


What drew my attention to the Nasher Miles was the name of their suitcase collection. Unlike other premium brands, the Nasher Miles has named their collection after famous cities and countries. I find it quite a unique approach to upscale its range creatively. Travelers can pick their suitcases based on their favorite cities like Istanbul, Zurich, etc.


Another factor that makes Nasher Miles worth considering is the affordability. Therefore, anyone can afford this premium brand. As a result, the budget-friendly approach of this brand is making this contemporary brand stand out in the crowd.


The chic and contemporary designs of suitcases are something that makes this luggage brand a preferred one among millennials. The color theme of the suitcases and backpacks is thoughtfully crafted. I loved the fact that they are well designed. The suitcase range has superb patterns and chic looks.

The 8 silent spinner wheels with 360 degrees rotation make it quite effortless when it comes to mobility. The Cabin luggage bag is made from 100% polypropylene. They are very resilient, durable, and lightweight. Furthermore, the Nasher Miles luggage is also very spacious and can easily accommodate your clothes, shoes, and travel essentials.


Another great feature of the Nasher Miles is that it is light-weighted. Every traveler wants to travel as light as possible. When your luggage makes you feel light after you pack heavily, it makes the traveler’s life quite easy. The luggage brand has a unique approach to make it look stylish as well as light-weighted. Aluminum telescopic handle, lockable at 2 different heights, and comfortable grip of the top handle make it quite sellable at an affordable price.

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