Dayara Bugyal Trek in Uttarakhand: Trek to The Alpine Meadow

After a mundane, mind-boggling week, the heart calls for some fresh air in nature’s lap, isn’t it? Nowadays, we can find a plethora of activities that can release one from the dull and somber daily routine. When it comes to places of adventures and trekking, Uttarakhand stands at the top.

Uttarakhand offers a multitude of adventures like bungee jumping, rafting, sky-diving, and endless others. One of such thrilling adventurous activities is trekking in the alpine meadows. Uttarakhand itself is home to an endless number of trekking places, like Kedarnath Trek, Gidara Trek, etc. The Dayara Bugyal trek is one of the most famous winter treks suited for even beginners.

About Dayara Bugyal Trek

‘Bugyal’ is a term used for high-altitude grazing land or meadow. The Dayara Bugyal altitude is 12,000 ft in the Himalayan bed of Uttarakhand.  It is a 29 km long trek situated in the less explored village of Taknaur Renge in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. 

The Dayara Bugyal trek difficulty level comes between easy to moderate, suited for experts as well as novices. The trekking takes almost 6 days to finish. The snow-clad mountain peaks and meadows along the Dayara trek are indeed a welcoming sight for the sore eyes!

The eye-soothing, picturesque view of the Himalayan Mountains captivates trekkers from around the world. In other words,  the trails of the Dayara Bugyal Uttarkashi are just breathtaking, with alpine and oak trees, freshwater bodies, grasslands, and lush green meadows.  

Things to do in Dayara Bugyal

The trek to Dayara Bugyal begins from the village Barsu, situated on the Haridwar-Gangotri road which is 32 km away from Uttarkashi.  You can reach Dayara Bugyal via Dehradun as the base camp of Barsu village is about 220 km away from Dehradun.

In the Dayara Bugyal trek, the up climbing starts from the Barsu village while the trekking down route is via Raithal. So, the entire canvas of Dayara Bugyal Uttarkashi is a beautiful rendition of eye-soothing meadow, hills, and streams.

However, it is true that the combination of Dayara Bugyal and Gidara Bugyal trek is a thriller power package for all trekking enthusiasts. The Bugyal trek offers a gamut of eye-catching views and activities that will rejuvenate one’s time there.

You can do many activities here apart from trekking, which includes sightseeing, village tourism, photography, campsites, etc. Let us have a quick glimpse at the activities you can do in Dayara Bugyal Uttarkashi.


When it comes to sightseeing, this place will definitely leave all astounded! There are so many amazing mountain peaks, meadows, waterfalls, and streams that you can witness in the trek. Dayara Bugyal is located at the backdrop of lusty peaks like Srikanth peak, Bandarpoonch, Kala Nag, Shrikanth Mahadev, and Gangotri peaks.

So, it is enveloped in beautiful wildflowers, rhododendrons, and pine, oak, and maple trees.  Besides, you can also visualize the exquisite sight of the Barnala Tal nestled in the alpine prairies.


The ravishing beauty of Dayara Bugyal trek and the astounding canvas of landscape will keep boredom a tad bit away! Besides all the sightseeing, a major activity that thrives here is Skiing! Skiing is one of the most famous pastimes one can do in the Bugyal trek place if visiting during the winters.

The Dayara trek is covered with a thick blanket of snow from January to March, making it the best time for skiers. The entire landscape of Dayara Bugyal in winters gets adorned with snowflakes adding beauty and a lot of Christmas feels!


Besides this, the gorgeous meadows and view of the mountains provide the best spot for camping with friends and family. You can also find attractions in ancient villages and campsites that abound in Dayara Bugyal in winters. The campfire adds warmth to the cold nights, while everyone is singing and dancing by the bonfire.

There are many temples too near the campsites of the Dayara Bugyal which will keep one captivated thoroughly. During the trek to Dayara Bugyal, you can also visit the famous Harsil and Gangotri temple.

Best Time to visit Dayara Bugyal

Dayara Bugyal best time to visit is not anyhow limited to any season. This is an all-season trek with each season unfolding new charms and thrills in this trek. The fresh and green grass undulated on the hills will indeed leave one spell bounded.

Except for the monsoons, the Bugyal trek can be taken at any time of the year. However, experts say that the ideal time when one can relish its beauty is the wintertime. The Dayara Bugyal in December looks like a heavenly paradise on the abode of snow.

However, there are distinctly four seasons one can trek in Dayara Bugyal– spring, summer, autumn and, winter. One can see different shades and hues of nature at different times of the year while visiting Dayara Bugyal.

The springtime starts from March till the end of April. Therefore, the Dayara Bugyal trek in April is colorful period when you can witness the meadows sprinkled with beautiful white, violet or yellow flowers.

The blooming rhododendrons and the lush greenery are at their best during this time. In the summers, trekking is relatively easy in Dayara Bugyal in June due to the warm climate.

During the autumn (September to November), there is a clear sky allowing one to visualize the sharp silhouette of the mountains. Besides, the golden flowers in the meadows titivate the charm of Dayara Bugyal Uttarkashi. Dayara Bugyal in January has the entire canvas enveloped in a white blanket of snow, making the best time for skiing. 

Of all the treks you can find, the Dayara trek has the widest snow expanse. The powdery, soft flakes of snow hanging from the pine trees are the best view to catch at Dayara Bugyal trek in December.

Weather and Temperature

At a staggering high Dayara Bugyal altitude of 12,000 ft, the Dayara Bugyal weather and temperature here remains constant and relatively low throughout the year. The minimum temperature goes as low as -4 degrees at night while the maximum temperature up to 25 degrees.

As compared to the nights which are windy and cold, the days are relatively warmer. Trekking becomes easy during the day when there is a sun and the temperature fluctuates between 8 to 12 degrees ideally.

The Dayara Bugyal in winters is coldest probably between December and February as it is shrouded completely with the snow. It is for the very same reason why Dayara Bugyal in Uttarkashi is called Uttarakhand’s winter wonderland.

Dayara Bugyal Itinerary:

This 6 days trek has a well-planned itinerary to be followed. The base camp is the beautiful village Barsu.

Day 1 is your drive through beautiful villages, small towns, and Poppy and Buckwheat fields. This 186 km long drive from Dehradun seems long but nature is welcoming and alluring to experience the zig-zag path which takes around 6-7 hours, followed by your stay in the guest house at Barsu for the night.

Day 2 You start your trek after a hearty breakfast and trek a short 4kms trek to Barnala Tal. This takes around 4 hours and you camp at this beautiful location surrounded by the Himalayan ranges for the night.

Day 3 On this day you trek to the Dayara Bugyal from Barnala Tal. This is a 5 km trek that takes around 5 hours. Soak in the splendid beauty of the majestic Himalayan peaks visible from this bugyal. The lush meadows around your campsite with the setting sun in the evening will make your trek a memorable one.

Day 4 Your trek doesn’t end at Dayara Bugyal but on day four you trek from here to Bakaria Top which is a short 3 km trek. The climb is steep but all the hard work is worth it as the spot is picture-perfect for all photography lovers. After few hours stay at Bakaria top retract back to Dayara Bugyal for the overnight stay at the same campsite.

Day 5 This day starts with a fulfilling breakfast followed by a downhill trek of 8kms from Dayara Bugyal to Pichkiya. It takes around 6 hours. The journey is a beautiful one with small steams accompanying you, the forests en route, and the vast meadows. Stay is in the tents at the Pichkiya campsite.

Day 6 marks the last day of your trekking experience. A 5kms trek from Pichkiya to Barsu is well marked, followed by a drive from Barsu till Dehradun. As your day 1, experience the local culture and interact with friendly locals to make your trek the best one.

The Dayara Bugyal in Uttarkashi is a beauty untouched by man and civilizations. The lush green high altitude grasslands and meadows with the wondrous mountains give one respite from city life. It is a perfect place for trekking, suited for all age groups, be it children, teenagers or elderly people.

The trekking is also moderately easy and is just a cakewalk for the regular trekkers. The Dayara Bugyal trek is away from the chaos of the city roads, pollution, and technology. Its serenity, calmness, purity, and unexplored treks are what attract fellow travelers to visit it. It is suited for the perfect weekend trek, especially during the holiday season like Christmas and New Year.  

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