Where She Would Go if She Won the Lottery:The Dream Itinerary For You

Ever thought to yourself, “What will I do with the money if I actually win the lottery?” Many dreams of buying a new house, getting a new car,  or even going for an investment. If I won the lottery, I would travel all around the world! In the following article, I have your plans covered with the places you would want to go to, having won the jackpot. If you have the same dream, then you should keep reading.

Planning the “if I won the lottery” dream itinerary

You thought you shall not be lucky, but what are the odds? Now that you have won, your first step is to plan that perfect vacation destination list. Here is how you shall prepare:

  • Traveling Internationally: You have won the lottery, so heck, yes! But first, you may want to complete seeing what is inside your country. Decide accordingly.
  • Setting a budget: You are on cloud nine, understandable. But remember, this is a one-time thing (unless you are really lucky!) Save some of the money, especially if you have future security matters to attend to.
  • Settling for either one or many trips: A series of smaller trips over a longer period of time, or a big one for two months at a go? Your call, although I prefer the former! It gives you the liberty to come back if you are not comfortable enough in one travel destination that you thought was perfect.
  • PACK YOUR BAGS: Go on, do not waste time. Once your dream is planned out, stop not in the process of packing. Make sure to fulfill international requirements like updating your passport and making a visa, if required.

If you are not settled on a plan yet, let us talk to you about where I could travel to. Keep reading and hear yourself say, “damn, it does not matter if I won the lottery; it’s travel time!”

Sponsor a lovely family trip to Thailand

How fun was it to travel with your parents at a young age?

Felt completely safe and happy, right?

Well, your parents did bear the financial headache, now it is your time to. Why not take them on a completely sponsored trip, say, to Thailand?

With beautiful natural sceneries to enjoy at day, lavish night outs and a pampering seven-star service, your parents will be the proudest duo. In addition, you get to enjoy relaxing and taking time off from monotonous work life.

Travel first class to a relative’s in the neighboring state

It is not always the case that your tours need to be luxurious. You have an acquaintance back in an adjoining state and all you did in the last two years was turn down their offers of a decent visit.

For the one time you did, you traveled by the cheapest flight or rail possible and ran away within a few days: too much budget, too little time. Why not travel in the business class flight or a first-class AC chair car and visit them for a longer time? You can make a visit around the place as well, two in one!

Visit Antarctica all alone

Antarctica, you read that right. Sounds intimidating? Here are a few more pointers on why you should definitely have a trip there:

  • The Aurora Australis: Have you not a dream to visit the Southern Lights? It is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
  • Many uncommon animals: Penguins and polar bears await your visit. Do not miss the chance to see them in their natural habitat.
  • Majestic views: Extremely large glaciers, mind-blowing icebergs, an ocean filled with sleet: not everyday things you see while on trips.
  • Luxury cruise services: You get to relax your way to the trip on a luxury cruise.

A honeymoon on a private island

Wedding honeymoon getaways are the toughest to manage when you want a perfectly private, discreet spot to relax in. Why not spend time with your loved one, all alone on a private island?

With the vast blue skies and emerald blue ocean mixing into the horizon, vast stretches of sand, and a romantic candlelight dinner by the waters, this can be the most luxurious event ever.

In addition to natural benefits, you can avail of world-class services as well. Think about it; if I won the lottery, then I surely would!

Check out all the Wonders of the World

Not settling for either one place or many? Not traveling to relatives? Tired of riding first class? Honeymoon over? I think you still have a lot left to travel to.

Why not tick out all the Wonders of the World from your list? These architectural marvels imbibed in the historical cultures of their periods will take your breath away. Bonus: you get to travel to a new country at all times, experience new cuisines, talk to different homely strangers, and at the end of the day view and cherish some wonderful memories you can tell everyone about.

Here was the list of a few of the places I would go to with the money. Dreams are never-ending, and probably the same goes for the lottery money. Oscar Wilde had said, “Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets.” Hence, see you after the marvelous time out you had on your luxurious travel.

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