Stellar Photo Recovery Premium Software: An Honest Review

This post covers the honest review of Stellar Photo Recovery Premium Software. I have personally used the software and highly recommend it to the professionals.

Losing precious data is the worst possible nightmare for photographers, video content creators, and even visual creators. After working hard on assignments, shoots, and creating projects with passion, if you lose the data due to any technical reason, human error, software related issues, virus attack, corrupted memory card, file corruption, hardware failures, corrupted drive or accidental deletion, nothing can compensate it.

It was a big blow when I lost more than 1 TB data from my external hard drive. Being a globetrotter, I live a life out of my suitcase. Traveling to exotic destinations to experience the most remote terrains across the globe is what I do professionally.


So, losing still and video content perplexed me beyond imagination. I can’t thank my stars enough when the Stellar Photo Recovery retrieved more than 80% of my data from the damaged hard drive recently.

The biggest news is that Stellar which is the global leader in data recovery, data erasure, and data migration solutions, has launched a new variant of its flagship Photo Recovery software. Stellar Photo Recovery Premium is the World’s first tool with both Repair and Recovery capabilities for Photos and Videos.

It is an all-purpose application for restoring lost or deleted as well as corrupt multimedia files. It is especially helpful to repair photos and videos that get corrupt during the process of transfer, editing, or conversion. This is a blessing for photographers and professionals.

What are the best features of Stellar Photo Recovery Premium software?

Gone are the days when you were required to courier your laptop, hard drive, flash drive, or any other storage device to any data recovery service provider. Moreover, the hassle of searching and contacting the best-suited data recovery service providers and sending across the storage device is a huge task.

The newly launched Stellar Photo Recovery Premium eliminates all your efforts and now you can retrieve your data from the comfort of your home and office. Also, the risk of data privacy is taken care of.

Find out the best of features of Stellar Photo Recovery Premium software below:

Easy Installation

Stellar Photo Recovery Premium software allows users to install the software without any complications. Just one click leads you to install the software on Windows and Mac PC which makes it a user-friendly feature. Unlike other software, this recovery software has smooth functioning that makes it quite preferred software to retrieve data among the professionals. Stellar Photo Recovery Premium software is a powerful software that allows users to perform the recovery task without any external help.

User-friendly Interface

Another powerful feature of the Stellar Photo Recovery Premium software is that it is a user-friendly interface. It is super easy to use. Anyone with basic technical knowledge can use it and recover digital data without any assistance. At the launch of the software icon on your desktop, you get the blue button to recover photos, videos, and audio as well.

User-friendly Interface of Stellar Photo Recovery Premium software

What I find quite interesting is that the process of recovering photos has become so easy and doable with just one click. Firstly, it directs you to scan the device and the software will start scanning the files that can be recoverable. Secondly, after scanning the files, it gives you options to choose which files to recover from the list.

User-friendly Interface of Stellar Photo Recovery Premium software

Thirdly, once you choose the respective files, it asks you the storage location for storing your recovered data. Moreover, you don’t need skilled technicians to do the job. After recovering your deleted files, it will ask you for a location to save your restored data.

It can be your hard drive, flash drive or your desktop as well. Make sure that you have enough space to save the restored files.

User-friendly Interface of Stellar Photo Recovery Premium software

In addition, if you are unable to find the file that you want to recover, you can go for the “Deep Scan” option. It allows you to dig deep and retrieve the deleted files buried in your storage device.

Recovery Capabilities

One of the fantastic features of Stellar Photo Recovery Premium software is that it recovers not just the photos and videos, but audio files as well. Isn’t it amazing? This feature makes it stand apart from other recovering software available in the market. It can recover Raw Images and Footages which may have got deleted accidentally.

In addition to the recovery capabilities, the software is compatible with retrieving data from all possible memory card formats like SD, Micro SD, XQD, CompactFlash, etc. It can detect and recover photos from various camera models.

The best part of Stellar Photo Recovery Premium software is that it can recover files from a formatted device as well. I have tested it on purpose and was quite amazed by the results. Another powerful feature of this software is that it restores the files with its original name. It makes the task easy for the user to locate it and ensure the files are correct. I find the recovery capabilities of Stellar Photo Recovery Premium software beyond excellent.

Live Preview

Another remarkable feature of Stellar Photo Recovery Premium software is that it has a Live Preview option. You can turn it on, which allows you to see the files while recovery process is on.

Repairs Corrupted videos

Another added bonus to the Stellar Photo Recovery Premium software is that it not only recovers, but also repairs corrupted videos from camcorders, Go-PRO, and Drones and fixes corrupted, distorted images in JPEG/JPG file format.  It makes life easy for the digital content creator to a large extent.

Imagine losing the precious video footages you shot in an exotic location or your rare footages which by no means you can re-shoot. All of it can be recovered by this software. Not just recover, your corrupt files can be repaired as well. This is such a big relief.

The advance and high-end technology of the Stellar Photo Recovery Premium software make it possible to do impossible. This feature is truly remarkable.

Data Privacy Risk

Being a photographer, what I fear the most is the data privacy. Especially, when you submit the data storage to any data recovery service provider, there is no guarantee that your data is saved and will not be misused. Though, I can vouch for data privacy with the Stellar Data Recovery service from my own experience.

The best thing about the Stellar Data Recovery service is that they ensure Data Privacy of their customers. The Stellar is ISO 27001 compliant, which means that it has implemented requisite processes to safeguard the privacy of your vital memories and prevent it from being shared with other audiences at large.

With Stellar Photo Recovery Premium software, the risk of data privacy has never been in question. Since you are allowed to recover data with just one click, it makes it so easy for the users to retrieve lost and damaged data from the comfort of their workplace. It eliminates the risk of any third party handling your important and exclusive data.


The pricing of Stellar Photo Recovery Premium software is 2,999/-INR (Includes 18% GST) for 30 days Licence in India. Though the cost is on the higher side, the exceptional services it provides in extensive recovery and repair justify the price range for the professionals. You can buy this software online from the website itself. The Stellar Photo Recovery Premium software is available on Amazon as well.

With the high recover rate, the Stellar Photo Recovery Premium software is nothing less than a blessing for professionals like me. The exceptional features and powerful performance makes it the best recovery software in the industry. Though the scanning takes time which makes the recovery process a bit longer, it is understandable since it guarantees the recovery of your files.

No more sleepless nights after losing data. Install, scan, and recover your lost data.

Disclaimer :

The reproduction of any of the content, including the photographs without prior consent/permission of the writer, is strictly prohibited and a violation of the same will attract legal action.

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