Why Dirang Boutique Cottages is The Perfect Stop on Your Way to Tawang?

Looking for a perfect place to stay in Dirang, Arunachal Pradesh?

Your search ends here. The newly opened Dirang Boutique Cottages in Dirang valley is the best riverside boutique resort you could ever ask for. The exclusive location, picturesque surroundings, breathtaking views and warmer weather, makes it the ultimate place to get a pit stop before your travel ahead to explore the spectacular places in Arunachal Pradesh.

Only an hour drive from Bomdila, the Dirang Boutique Cottages is an ideal place to unwind after a tiresome journey that involves crossing the state of Assam, to enter Arunachal Pradesh.


Lawn area of Dirang Boutique Cottages, Dirang, Arunachal Pradesh
Lawn area of Dirang Boutique Cottages, Dirang, Arunachal Pradesh

Where is Dirang Boutique Cottages?

The Dirang Boutique cottages is located in the Dirang valley of Arunachal Pradesh. Opened in 2019 for travelers, the brand new hotel is an exceptionally inviting place for your holiday in the valley. Located on the bank of the Dirang Chu River with captivating views, the resort is a perfect place for those who prefer to stay in an exclusive location, away from the city crowd.


Front View of Dirang Boutique Cottages
Pathway to the stone cottages of Dirang Boutique Cottages

Owned by Sange Tsering of Holiday Scout, the hotel is designed for all kinds of travelers. Whether you are a solo traveller, couple or travelling with your family, the resort offers everything to make your trip experience extraordinary.

How to book Dirang Boutique Cottages?

The Dirang Boutique Cottages is not on any booking websites till now. The only way to book the resort is to call them directly on the below given number.

Photo number : +91 9862290952

To visit Arunachal Pradesh, tourists require ILP (for Indian Nationals) and PAP (Only for Foreign Nationals) permits.


Aerial View of a remote place in Arunachal Pradesh
Aerial View of a remote place in Arunachal Pradesh

I was returning to my favourite state after 8 years. My excitement was soaring high at the mere thought of exploring the state which offers some of the best offbeat places and unbeatable cultural experiences.


After a tedious road trip from Assam, when I reached Dirang at night, all I wanted was a place to just retire for the night. But, as soon as I stepped out of the car, the fresh air and the sound of river simply re-energized me. That’s the magic of a remote place in the hills.

Where is Dirang & Why to break your journey in Dirang?

Breathtaking landscape of Dirang Valley, Arunachal Pradesh
Cloud-laden landscape of Dirang Valley, Arunachal Pradesh

Just 42 km from Bomdila, Dirang is a small town which lies on the way to Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh. The valley is known for Apple and Kiwi orchards, Sangti Valley, Mandala top, Hot water springs, Heritage Villages, Dirang Dzong, National Yak Research and Breeding Centre, etc. There are a lot of hidden gems in and around Dirang. Dirang still hasn’t come under the tourist radar, unlike other places of Arunachal Pradesh.

Dirang Monastery in Dirang, Arunachal Pradesh
Newly constructed Dirang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh

This amazing valley offers some of the hidden gems that even Google can’t tell you. Dirang demands at least 3 days to explore the places in and around.

To absorb the serenity of the pristine valley, the picture perfect small villages, and sharing smile with the humble Monpa people, you certainly need to spend enough time in the valley rather than just considering it as a stopover on your way to Tawang.

Why to break your journey in Dirang?

Gate of Dirang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh
Gate at Dirang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh

One of the main reasons to break your journey in Dirang is the weather. The altitude of Dirang is lower as compared to Bomdila which makes it a warmer place to stay. Before you hit the highest motorable road crossing the Sela Pass, your body needs some comfort and rest to tolerate the high altitude road and freezing cold (if you are travelling in winter).

Breathtaking snow covered sela lake with colorful prayer flags
Frozen Sela lake on the way to Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

Also, the unspoiled natural surroundings of Dirang town can convince you to make your base in the small town. Reaching the easternmost state of India, Arunachal Pradesh requires at least one day if you are travelling from Assam.

A long and beautiful road trip, negotiating up in the hills, passing through hilly terrains, alluring landscapes, pretty small villages and change of weather. Sounds dreamy right? You need more than 12 hours to reach half way only. Yes, you heard it right.

How to reach Dirang Boutique Cottages?

Changing weather and the views around Dirang Boutique Cottages
The spectacular views of the hills around Dirang Boutique Cottages

We were travelling from Bomdila to Dirang Boutique Cottages. It is an hour’s drive. The resort is located 6 km before the main Dirang town. While travelling from Bomdila to Dirang, just before the Dirang Basti welcome gate, the signboard pointing down will be visible. Take the road down from the main highway and drive for half kilometre alongside Dirang Chu River before you reach the iron suspension bridge with colourful prayer flags fluttering in the air.

Why to consider Dirang Boutique Cottages?

I am enjoying the sunshine at Dirang Boutique Cottages
Enjoying bright sunshine during my holiday at Dirang Boutique Cottages

It was dark when we reached. All I could see was the scintillating lights of the resort from the other side of the river. The sound of river and fresh air welcomed me. I was escorted by the hotel staff to my cottage and offered a hot cup of tea. In no time, my fatigue had vanished. Since it was dark, I couldn’t see the surroundings but had an idea that it was going to be breathtaking in the morning.

Imagine waking up to the breathtaking serenity, sipping your morning tea on the bank of the river, chilled air embracing you, and sitting in the open lawn with the Sun rising behind the layers of hills. What else do you need to make it perfect?

Green lawn of Dirang Boutique Cottages, Arunachal Pradesh
Imagine having your morning tea/coffee at the lawn of Dirang Boutique Cottages. Photo Courtesy: Holiday Scout

10 reasons why Dirang Boutique Cottages is the perfect stop on your way to Tawang

I can give you numerous reasons to choose Dirang Boutique Cottages for your stay in this captivating valley. These 10 reasons will be enough to compel you to book this resort on your next trip for sure.

1. Unbeatable Location is the major draw of the Dirang Boutique Cottages

Taking a stroll around at Dirang Boutique Cottages
Enjoying a lonely walk at the resort

The location of Dirang Boutique cottages is the highlight of the riverside resort.  It is secluded and situated in an exclusive location. Away from the crowded town, the location of the resort is absolutely breathtaking. Encircled by the hills, organic farmland, lush green lawn, alluring views all around, the place is nothing less than a dream.

The best part of the location is that you will not see any other hotel or constructions nearby. Whether you are reading a book in the lawn, lazing around on the hammock, visiting the organic farm, taking a walk in the village or just sitting by the bank of the river, you can spend the entire day just like that. You can also enjoy bonfire in the evening.

What I loved most about the location is the peaceful environment. This is the best suited place for creative souls where you can create your masterpiece without getting disturbed.

2. Warm Hospitality of the staff will make you feel at home

The most hospitable staff of Dirang Boutique Cottages
The most hospitable staff of Dirang Boutique Cottages

The warmth in the behaviour, smiling faces, flawless services and the efforts to make you feel comfortable makes you feel at home. The staff never shies away to take a few extra steps to make your holiday memorable at the resort. Whether it is about preferred meals, providing comfort in your room, hot water bottles to anything, they never give you a chance to complain.

During my stay at the resort, I remember how the staff made sure that everything was beyond perfect. Whether it was the Momo making session, sitting around the Bukhari, bringing my favourite comfort food or providing an extra blanket, they went out of their way to create beautiful memories for me.

3. You will relish delicious organic food. It is literally Farm to Table food

Homemade momos at Dirang Boutique Cottages
The most delicious momos I ever had

The best part about the food at Dirang Boutique Cottages is that they are fresh and organic. Fresh fruits like Orange, Kiwi, Grapes, Apples to fresh green vegetables, everything is home-grown. Their farmland is next to the resort and you can literally pick your vegetables from the farm and they will be served on the table.


The farm to table is literally practiced at the resort. You will not find those greasy and spice coated food here. Rather, you will relish the most delectable authentic dishes cooked with lots of love. I relished the home-cooked food by the super talented Karmo at the resort. The taste of dry chicken dish is still lingering in my mouth. From breakfast to dinner, I used to look forward to my meals as it was absolutely lip-smacking.

4. You will get to stay in stone cottages with all the modern amenities

Rooms at Dirang Boutique Cottages
Interior of a stone cottage of Dirang Boutique Cottages

There are 8 stone cottages at the resort. The design of cottages is traditional, keeping in mind the weather of the valley. Each cottage has two beds, one cupboard and a small table. The modern amenities are provided in each cottage. The interior of the cottages are simple yet aesthetically presented. The rooms are very comfortable. I must mention the super soft mattresses which make a huge difference to any hotel or resort. Each cottage has a balcony overlooking the lawn that allows you to enjoy the view with a cup of tea.

5. The resort is budget-friendly

Hall of Dirang Boutique Cottages
Dining area of Dirang Boutique Cottages

Even though the Dirang Boutique Cottages has everything to make it an upscale luxury resort, but the tariff of the resort is budget-friendly. Affordability is one of the key factors which has made it quite popular in a short span of time. You will get all the luxuries at a reasonable price.

Room Tariff : 2700 INR with breakfast for 2 people

6. It is more like a Homestay than a riverside boutique resort

Dirang Boutique Cottages
The homely vibe of Dirang Boutique cottages is quite inviting

The friendly behaviour of the staff and super host Sange Tsering make sure that you feel at home. It makes a huge difference. The guests feel very comfortable to stay at a place like Dirang Boutique Cottages than anywhere else. The travelers often extend their stay at the resorts solely for home-like feeling. I spent 2 nights at the resort and I am longing to go back for a longer stay there. It was more like a homestay in the hills than a riverside boutique resort.

7. The resort is for all kind of travellers

The breathtaking views of Sela lake, tawang, Arunachal Pradesh
Enjoying the breathtaking views of frozen Sela lake on my way back from Dirang

The Dirang Boutique Cottages is suitable for all kinds of traveller. Whether you are a backpacker, solo traveller, couple or family, the resort is an ideal place to enjoy your holidays in the pristine valley. The open space, the lawn area, eye-pleasing scenic beauty, and helpful staff make it a great place for travellers to enjoy their time at the resort.

8. The Resort is pet-friendly

Adorable puppies at Dirang Boutique Cottages
Adorable puppies at Dirang Boutique Cottages, Arunachal Pradesh

The good news is that Dirang Boutique cottages is pet friendly. If you are someone who often travels with your pets, you can easily bring your pets to this resort. I had a great time playing with adorable puppies at the resort.

9. The resort can arrange cooking classes for local traditional food of the region

Momo Making at Dirang Boutique Cottages
Pema making momos

Curious about local cuisine of Arunachal Pradesh? Want to learn how to cook those amazing dishes? The resort can arrange cooking classes at local houses in the village at a nominal charge. I attended a Momo making session at the resort. I was terrible at making it. But it was a fun session.

For Cooking Class
450 INR per person
It includes unlimited Butter Tea/ Ara (Local Rice Beer) & Momo and Thukpa (This is obvious because you are going to learn and cook with the locals )

By attending the cooking class, you are not only contributing to the economic growth of the villagers in a small way, it also gives you that rare opportunity to meet and interact with the locals. You can also have a glimpse of their lifestyle. This is a great way to get introduced to the rich cultural heritage of northeast India.

10. You will get the best guide for your sightseeings in and around Dirang

Overview of Dirang from Dirang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh
Dirang valley seen from Dirang Monastery

If you wish to explore Dirang valley, the resort can arrange sightseeing tour for you. They provide the best guide to accompany you. The owner of Dirang Boutique Cottages also has a renowned Tour and Travel agency named “Holiday Scout” which can arrange your customised tours in Northeast India.

So, you are in great company already. All you need to do is to inform the resort, and everything can be arranged as per your itinerary. They provide hassle-free travel in Northeast India.

Do you need more reasons?

Disclaimer :

The  reproduction of any of the content, including the photographs without prior consent/permission of the writer, is strictly prohibited and a violation of the same will attract legal action.

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10 reasons to stay at Dirang Boutique Cottages in Dirang, Arunachal Pradesh

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