The Ultimate 3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary for your trip to Georgia

The post is about the perfect 3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary for your future trip to Georgia. The Tbilisi Itinerary includes top places to see and explore in the capital city, places to eat and drink, and also day trip details to places around Tbilisi. 

3 days in Tbilisi Itinerary

The capital city Georgia, Tbilisi is an eclectic mix of bohemian, traditional, and modern in outlook.  A unique European city, which is influenced by both west and east, it is quite vibrant in character. It shouts loud about its past, takes you to the cobbled streets lined with traditional Georgian pastel shade houses with wooden balconies,  towering fortress, narrow alleyways to navigate, coupled with quirky cafes and restaurants offering the best of traditional Georgian cuisine.

3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
You will see this at the crossroad of the Old city of Tbilisi. Pause a bit and take a picture.

Whether it is the buzzing streets of Tbilisi, the bath district, Abanotubani with sulfur bathhouses, new upscale design hotel like Stamba, a favorite hub for youngsters like Fabrika, or the eye-arresting new city sights with outlandish architectures with that delicate tiny balcony, the city thrives on its glorious architectural treasures, celebrated food culture, and emerging modernism alongside the traditional lifestyle.

3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
The Old City area of Tbilisi, Georgia. Don’t miss wandering around the narrow alleyways

Tbilisi, unlike any other European capital city, has a distinct character that doesn’t go unnoticed, even on your first visit to the country. With the numerous battles, destruction, reconstruction, the city has seen it all. Yet, it flaunts its past gloriously in the present day.

3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
The old part of Tbilisi is quite vibrant, especially in the evening

Also known as the ‘Rome of the Caucasus’, Tbilisi should be on your list. Georgia is a new emerging European destination, which promises to offer some of the best travel experiences for discerning travelers. The capital city itself has a lot to offer for everyone.

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Whether you are a culture enthusiast, a pub crawler, architecture lover, city wanderer, or a luxury traveler; from hidden cafes and pubs, century-old orthodox churches to bird-eye views of the historic city, you need more than two days to explore this dynamic city.


Here is the ultimate 3 days in Tbilisi itinerary for you.

3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
The Bird’s eye view of Tbilisi city
3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
Old City view from Betlemi Church, Tbilisi

The Jazeera Airways make it easy to travel to the country of “Black Sea” with a halt in Kuwait for a few hours from India. A direct flight from Mumbai to Kuwait takes four and half hours. The connecting Jazeera Airways fly to Tbilisi daily and it takes just two and a half hours to reach.


3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary

Take a walking tour in the old city

3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
Stroll around the old lanes of Tbilisi

What I loved about this fascinating city is that it has retained the old-world charm beautifully. The traditional houses with balconies, winding cobbled streets, tiny shops selling souvenirs, fruit carts, and cafes, take you back to the old times.

3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
The cobbled street of the old Tbilisi
3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
Traditional Georgian Houses in Old Tbilisi

The only way you can experience the charm of it is by taking walks in this part of Tbilisi. Whether it is the maze of little streets, wandering cats, courtyards, hanging grapevines, steep climb, and smooth walking down in narrow alleyways, you would love to get lost in the maze happily.

Metekhi Church

3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
The exterior of iconic Metekhi Church

The Metekhi Church is located in the old city of Tbilisi. It is one of the must visit places in the city. The view of the old city of Tbilisi is just breathtaking. Built as an Armenian Church in the 18th century, Metekhi Church has now served as a Georgian Orthodox Church.

3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
A Georgian woman is praying in Metekhi Church
3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
The spectacular architecture of Metekhi Church

The aura of the church inside is very calm and serene. I was indeed very lucky to observe the prayer session with the locals. The colorful frescoes on the wall, hanging lamp in front of the photo frames of Mother Mary, designated place for candles, and the orthodox tradition that they follow, I had the opportunity to see it all. Whenever you enter a Georgian Orthodox Church, kindly maintain silence as the prayers shouldn’t be disrupted by your chatters.

Narikala Fortress

Another must-visit place in the old city of Tbilisi is the Narikala Fortress. Also known as the Mother Fortress of Tbilisi, it was established in the 4th century. There are different theories regarding the name “Narikala”, which means “little fortress”. Walking up to the fortress upon the hillock from Betlemi Street, meandering through the steep spiral stairs, and then walking on the narrow lanes gives you a glimpse of the way of life of the Georgian people.

You can take a cable car to reach the Narikala Fortress and it is considered one of the must-do things in Tbilisi. The aerial view of Tbilisi from the Narikala Fortress is simply breathtaking. It is a great vantage point for the photographers to capture the aerial view of the capital city.

3 days Tbilisi Itinerary
3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary

Don’t forget to look at the iconic statue of Mother Georgia. The towering statue is one of the landmarks of the capital city. Located next to the Narikala Fortress, it is a 20 meter-high aluminum statue of a lady crowned with ivy, holding a cup of wine in one hand and a sword in another. It symbolizes that the mother Georgia welcomes friends with a cup of wine and enemies with a sword.

Buy Souvenir from the old street

3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
The human-like big doll in the front of a souvenir shop in old Tbilisi city

While strolling in the old city, you will find lots of tiny shops selling souvenirs to tourists. Step inside the shop, interact with the locals, and buy things like fridge magnets, wine glasses, tequila glasses, local bakery items, showpieces, etc. The Georgian local people are very warm and hospitable. And, if you are good at bargaining, you might seal a good deal.

Eat lunch at the Cafe Leila

3 days in Tbilisi Itinerary

You have to visit this beautiful cafe in the old city for traditional Georgian food. It has a very warm feel to it. I also loved the delightful decor of the cafe. The hospitality and services are simply amazing here. They have a wide variety of Vegan dishes. I had the best traditional Georgian meal at Leila.

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3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
Don’t miss Lobio at Leila Restaurant

Do try the Khachapuri, Lobio, Pkhali, Khinkali, etc., here. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, Café Leila is the place you should head for your meals in Tbilisi. You get the best authentic Georgian vegetarian dishes here.

Stop to admire the Clock Tower

3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
The unique Clock Tower should not be missed in Tbilisi

You can’t possibly miss the leaning clock tower attached to the puppet theater. The unusual look of the tower is one of the attractions in the tiny lane of old Tbilisi. It is amazing to know that the clock tower is not an old structure; rather it is modern and was built by puppet master Rezo Gabriadze in 2010, during a renovation of his theater.

Take a few minutes to pause and admire this unique clock tower. It is true that on the hour, a window opens at the small balcony at the top, and a mannequin of an angel rings the bell with a hammer. At the same time, a screen opens and shows the circle of life, below the clock.

Visit Dry Bridge Flea Market

3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
The Dry Bridge Flea Market is mandatory for you when in Tbilisi

If you are a lover of antiques, a visit to the Dry Bridge Flea Market is mandatory. Unlike other flea markets across the world, which are well organised, the Dry Bridge Flea Market is on the road where you will find an assortment of antiques, jewelry, brass pottery, vintage knife, soviet coins, etc. The citizens with vintage collections come to this market to sell and earn some extra cash.

3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
The antiques at Dry Bridge Flea Market

You may find anything which is old and classic. Everything is laid out on the ground, arranged and sometimes they use their car’s bonnet to lay out the collectibles. If you can haggle well, you will get some amazing stuff at a reasonable price. It is a vibrant street market to find the unique souvenirs to bring back home from Georgia.

3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
I bought Soviet old coins from this Georgian gentleman at Dry Bridge Flea Market

This flea market started to flourish after the fall of the Soviet Union when people needed to find ways to make ends meet. They used to sell their own vintage collections at the Dry Bridge Flea Market at that time. Nowadays, you find more tourists flocking around the market than locals. The vendors are not well versed with the English language.

3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
You can even find Jewelry at Dry Bridge Flea Market

Therefore, it is advisable to go with a local. The weekends are the best time to visit as it is buzzing with lots of vendors and tourists as well. They only accept Georgian currency (Lari). So, make sure that you carry enough.

Take sulphur bath at the bathhouse in Abanotubani

3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
One of the must do things in old Tbilisi is to experience sulphur bath in Abanotubani, Tbilisi

What better time to go for a traditional sulphur bath at one of the bathhouses in the bath district of old Tbilisi. When you are tired of walking and exploring cathedrals, fortress, souvenirs shops, flea markets, it is time to relax your muscles a bit. You can choose any bathhouse in the district.

3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
There are several bathhouses in Abanotubani, Tbilisi
3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
Abanotubani is a must-visit place in Tbilisi

They offer a choice of public bath with female and male sections (If you are fine with a public bath) or you can opt for a private room for your bath. The charges are on per hour basis. More the luxuries you want to indulge in, the more you have to pay. Taking a sulfur bath is one of the unique experiences.  This is highly recommended for first-time travelers to Tbilisi.

Time for Dine Out

3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
The popular Gorgasali restaurants in old Tbilisi

Well, after a refreshing bath experience, you should head out for dinner. There are plenty of restaurants and cafés around the bathhouses in the old city. I would recommend visiting one of the popular restaurants named Gorgasali. The food at the restaurant is absolutely delicious.

3 days in Tbilisi Itinerary
3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
The traditional Georgian cheese bread named khachapuri
3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
Grilled chicken with fresh salad

I loved the ambiance and the service as well. During dinner, you are entertained by traditional music and dance. Don’t miss the Khachapuri and Khinkali at Gorgasali restaurant.


3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary

Walk around Rustaveli Avenue & Liberty Square

The best way to explore Rustaveli Avenue & Liberty Square is to take a slow walk and observe the surroundings. Liberty Square is one of the busiest areas in Tbilisi and always buzzing with people and cars on the road.  The liberty square basically marks a boundary between old and new Tbilisi.

The Rustaveli Avenue begins at Freedom Square and extends about 1.5 kilometers, lined with many governmental, cultural, and business centers. It is quite interesting to see the stunning 20th-century buildings which are on Rustaveli Avenue like Rustaveli Cinema, the Georgian National Museum, and the former Georgian Parliament along with a few others. You can also shop at Rustaveli Avenue and opt for your breakfast at any of the fine cafes and restaurants there.

Visit the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi

3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
The Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi. Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

When in Tbilisi, one must visit the place is the Holy Trinity Cathedral. It is one of the tallest Eastern Orthodox cathedrals in the World. Located on the hill of the St. Ilya, on the left bank of the Kura River, the towering Holy Trinity Cathedral is one of the major attractions of Tbilisi. Built in 2004, the complex comprises the residence of the Patriarch and a monastery, various supplementary buildings, beautiful gardens, and nine chapels, five of which are located underground. It is the highest church in Tbilisi.


3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
The Ancient city-view, Mtskheta during sunset

Where is Mtskheta?

Hardly 20 km away from the city center of Tbilisi, visiting the early Kingdom of Eastern Georgia is highly recommended. It takes half an hour from Tbilisi. The highlight of Mtskheta is the picturesque location. Situated at the confluence of the Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers, the old city is located at the ancient trade route.

It is said that Mtskheta was an affluent city that became a trading center. Mtskheta was a highly developed city at that point with a water supply, bustling markets, and stunning stone houses. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
Me at Jvery monastery from where you can see the ancient city, Mtskheta

Though the capital shifted to Tbilisi at the beginning of the VI century, Mtskheta remains a lovely laid-back city where you can enjoy a slow life with great landscapes. Even though Tbilisi became the heartbeat of Georgia, Mtskheta continues to be the center place for the coronation and burial place of Georgian kings and the seat of the Patriarch.

From the fast-paced life of Tbilisi, if you want to spend a few lazy days to absorb the vibe of any place, Mtskheta is the place to live a few quieter days, away from the capital city.

Visit Jvari monastery

3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
Jvari monastery is a Top attraction in Mtskheta

One of the most stunning sights around Tbilisi is the Jvari monastery. Located on a vertical cliff in Mtskheta, the 6th-century monastery is a must-visit place around Tbilisi. This is an early Medieval Georgian church that survived gloriously to the present day without being damaged or ruined by anyone. The highlight of Jvari monastery is the epic location.

3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
Cityscape of ancient Mtskheta, Georgia

The view of the confluence of the Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers and the cityscape of ancient Mtskheta is a sheer spectacle. This iconic monastery is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Photography is not allowed inside the monastery. Don’t forget to look for the frescoes inside and some exotic relief sculptures on the exterior facades of the monastery.

3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
Wooden Cross at the monastery

According to the legend, the cross of St. Nino was kept at the monastery. Later, a small temple was built on the site of the holy cross, and now it is the basis of the present Jvari. St. Nino was one of the revered saints who converted Georgians to Christianity. Once inside the monastery, you will see the central Cross and the remains of the old building.

Don’t miss Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
A visit to Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is a must in Mtskheta

You can’t afford to miss visiting the most important church for Georgians named Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta. This church plays a vital role in Georgian history; built in the 11thcentury, this ancient cathedral is related to the adoption of Christianity during the time of the Kartli Kingdom.

3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
Jaw-dropping architecture and interior of iconic Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Mstkheta
3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
The unique candle stand in Svetitskhoveli Cathedral
3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
Woman praying inside the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

It has served as a religious center for centuries. Tbilisi’s founder, King Vakhtang Gorgasali’s tomb is located inside the church. It is believed that Christ’s robe lies beneath the central nave, under a square pillar. Several other Georgian monarchs are also buried here.

Visit Fabrika, the most happening place in Tbilisi

3 days Tbilisi Itinerary

Where to head for the fantastic party vibe in Tbilisi? I got you covered here

Head to Fabrika, the most happening place for youngsters in the capital city of Georgia. It is a multi-functional cultural center where you will get the uber-cool cafes, artist studio, the biggest in the region hostel, an open courtyard to hang out with your friends, and some exciting events.

3 days in Tbilisi Itinerary
3 days in Tiblisi Itinerary

It has a great vibe, fantastic space for a get-together and to understand the modern culture of Tbilisi. After a hectic day of exploring, you should visit Fabrika for refreshing your mood with the energetic vibes of the place. Don’t miss the life-size modern graffiti on the wall. They are vibrant and colorful and say a lot about the modern art scene of the city.

3 days in Tbilisi Itinerary
3 days in Tbilisi Itinerary

If you are too exhausted after an exhilarating party scene and don’t want to go back to your hotel, you can choose to book a room at the Fabrika hostel.

Once a soviet sewing factory, it has been revived and refurbished to turn into a cool budget hostel for all kinds of travelers.


3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary

What to explore on day 3 in Tbilisi?

3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
Breathtaking landscapes of Kazbegi, Georgia

The best part about Tbilisi is that there are numerous places around Tbilisi in a few hours’ drive. It is amazing how only in a 2 to 3 hours drive you can reach a new region, new landscape, and a completely new destination. So, for day 3, I would recommend you to visit the most beautiful mountain destination of Georgia named Kazbegi.


3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
Snow-clad landscapes in Stepantsminda, Georgia

Currently known as Stepantsminda, this mountain valley looks to be straight out of a fairy-tale. This picture-perfect postcard destination is just 150 km away from the capital city, Tbilisi of Georgia. The landscapes of Kazbegi are worth admiring for hours.

3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary
Aerial view of Kazbegi

Located on the northern slopes of the humongous Caucasus range, Kazbegi comes under Kazbegi National Park, covering a total of over 8,700 hectares. The Kazbegi Mountain is the third highest mountain of Georgia, located at 5,047 meters above sea level. Kazbegi is named after the largest mountain here – Mount Kazbegi.

Places to see in Kazbegi

  • Gergeti Trinity Church
  • Ananuri Fortress
  • Friendship Monument
  • Gudauri Ski Resort
  • Gveleti Waterfalls & Russian Border
3 Days in Tbilisi Itinerary



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3 days in Tbilisi Itinerary

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