Munsiyari: A Beautiful Offbeat Getaway in Uttarakhand

Munsiyari is the best tourist spot for adventure lovers. If you want to explore the Nanda Devi trekking trails and camping site, then Munsiyari is your destination. These treks give you an amazing experience of an adventurous walk through the countryside.

As you start the journey, you will go past beautiful and wide varieties of flora. Some of the most attractive trees in this region are walnut, birch, rhododendron, and juniper. Located in Uttarakhand, Munsiyari is not a well-known or a vast hill station. But in terms of attractions and fun activities, this place has a lot to offer to its local and foreign tourists.

Places to see in Munsiyari

Munsiyari comes under the Pithoragarh district in Uttarakhand. The best part about the village is that you can plan a visit to Munsiyari in any season. The town looks incredibly stunning throughout the year. Located at an altitude of 2300 meters, the major portion of this small hill station is covered with snow. Also known as the “Mini Kashmir of Uttarakhand”, Munsiyari amuses its visitors with amazing mountains, waterfalls, lush greenery, and exciting trekking routes.

If you are a trekking enthusiast or adventure lover, then Munsiyari is your dream destination. This small heaven in Uttarakhand is also famous for its wide range of flora and fauna. Here are some major attractions to explore in Munsiyari.

Birthi Falls

A 35 kilometres drive from Munsiyari will lead you to a natural-beauty of this village “the Birthi Falls”. You will be able to see Birthi Falls on your way to this town, but you must plan a 2-3 hours visit to this exceptionally beautiful place to unwind and spend some peaceful time. Birthi Falls is the perfect picnic spot for locals and tourists in Kumaon valley.

You can reach the waterfall area through a trekking route. For trekking lovers, the way to Birthi Falls is filled with so much adventure and fun. The trek is absolutely amazing since there is no railing. Another attraction in this region is the unique variety of butterflies and sparrows that fly around the place.

Kalamuni Top

Another tourist destination that could be explored on the way to Munsiyari is Kalamuni top. Located at a height of 9,600 feet from the sea level, this small town is at a distance of 14 kilometres from Munsiyari. The region is especially famous for its spiritual and religious beauty, which is an ancient temple. The locals and Hindu tourists often visit Kalamuni top to offer their prayers to the temple’s main deity “Goddess Kali”.

In addition to the religious beauty, this place is known for Panchachuli Mountain.

Thamri Kund

If you are searching for a rejuvenating and refreshing lake in the Kumaon valley, then Thamri Kund is your destination. To reach this lake, you will need to follow an adventurous trekking route that is covered with thick and beautiful trees. You must start the trekking journey in the morning since the journey is of 7-8 hours from the main town. As you arrive at the destination after hours of strolling and sightseeing, it feels amazing to sit and relax for a while.

Thamri Kund is surrounded by thick alpine trees, which make the overall place wonderful. Bring your camera to capture the beauty of this Lake. You can also expect a musk deer walking around the lake and drinking the crystal clear water.


Located at 5 kilometres distance from Munsiyari, Madkot is famous for its hot water springs. The hot water emerging from Madkot is believed to have magical healing effects. The locals believe that the hot spring has the potential to cure skin problems, rheumatism, body aches, and other such medical conditions.

If you are tired of the busy and crowded city life, then a trip to Madkot can be your escape. All you will find here is peace, a pleasant temperature, magical aura, and much more.


You can book a cab from Delhi to Nainital and explore this city in Uttarakhand. Nainital is only 9 hours drive from Munsiyari. The place is located at an altitude of 2,084 meters in Uttarakhand state. Nainital is famous for its stable climate and pleasant weather conditions throughout the year. From Naini Lake to Tiffin top, to St John in the Wilderness to Gurney House, Nainital is a perfect tourist destination for Indian and international visitors.

Avail a safe and affordable taxi service in Nainital and explore all its attractions. Once you are done discovering some hidden gems in this peaceful hill station, you can hire taxi services to Munsiyari and pay a visit to this village.

Final Words

Munsiyari is a wonderful hill station for tourists who are on the lookout for the second city travelling experience. If you want to explore a peaceful and less-crowded city in Uttarakhand, then Munsiyari is your pick.

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Munsiyari: A Beautiful Offbeat Getaway


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