Planning A Trip to Odisha This Winter? Don’t Miss These Top Places

Winter is approaching and for many, it is the right time to spend some quality time with family and friends or be oneself? Odisha is one of those states in Eastern India, not only visited by travelers from those corners but also from every corner of the world to relive and explore the places, enjoy the cold and pleasant weather and so much more.

Winters are in fact one of the best and ideal times to visit the land. Assuring to proffer the marvelous lookout on the culture and religion of the country, Odisha has a long coastal stretch line backed with some of the most pristine beaches, lakes and waterfalls, rare and unique wildlife, national parks and sanctuaries, temples, monuments, villages and most reckoned pilgrimage spots of the country.

Even, the hill stations here are breathtakingly beautiful and can simply take your breath away and keep you in awe.

Why You Should Visit Odisha This Winter?
Photo Courtesy: Odisha Tourism

Everything, from food to temples to hills to people, the state is a perfectly alluring and fascinating land, to visit by and spend quality time with friends and family. And winters is another reason that is must visit the land as the temperature varies in between 10 degrees to 27 degree Celsius during this time.

It makes scenic sightseeing and everything really pleasant and exciting. The winter holiday destinations that are must consider this year this season in Odisha to roam by are as follows.

Why You Should Visit Odisha This Winter?
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A worth and must to visit destination in Odisha, it is known for its World’s UNESCO listed Heritage Site that is Sun Temple and annual dance and music festival that is held each year at a large scale showcasing different dance and music forms of the region and talents of the country. Getting to know more of the rich culture and heritage of the land, Konark beach is also perfect for all those beach lovers and thanks to the blue clear water, clean sand and cool breeze.

Chilika Lake

Being widespread over Khurda, Puri and Ganjam districts of the state, it is the largest brackish water lagoon of the country and is known to be having the best eco system as well. Aside from the lake, the wildlife sanctuary here is simply a treat for all wildlife and nature lovers.


Also been well acknowledged as ‘Kashmir of Odisha’, the Daringbadi hills is slowly and gradually emerging as the ideal tourist destination as it is known to be the only spot where it sows during the winter season. Situated at a high altitude of about 915 m, the hill station will definitely take your breath away with the amazing valleys, pine forests, and coffee gardens.

Even, it would be fair enough to say this that the hills and spot is one of the worth seeing places right now in Eastern India during the winter season.


Famous for having the Lord Jagannath temple, constructed way back during the 11th century and dedicated to Lord Jagannath, it is an important pilgrimage center for Hindus in India. Also, Puri beach is exquisite and an extremely pleasant gateway for all beach lovers and bums who love to play in sand and water, coastal stretch, and the place will be a true delight for all indeed.

Dhauli Giri hills

Situated on the Daya River banks, it is a bit unexplored but among one of the most scenic and beautiful spots in Odisha. Being a prominent Buddhist pilgrimage spot, it has picturesque beauty and charm. It was known to be that place where King Asoka had went through a change of heart and turned from a ruthless king to a champion embracing Buddhism.


It is another reason to visit the land of temples in this winter season and do make it sure to do visit by Lingaraja temple, one of the largest temples in the city. The sculptures and architecture of the temples here are simply worth checking and seeing too. The capital city of Odisha, Bhubaneswar also makes it an important part of the Golden Triangle Odisha tour package covering Konark and Puri.


A perfect place for all adventure and nature lovers, the attractions that are must-visit by here are gharials, muggers, and many other rare endangered species spread over the Mahanadi River in a large area. So, went on this great two wildlife sanctuaries spread in an area covering Baisipalli and Satkosia Gorge to check out unique species of birds and animals this winter.


A perfect spot this winter for all photography enthusiasts, it is meant to be for all those bird lovers. Winter is perfect to be there as, during this time, migratory birds arrive here. Also, enjoy the boating and sailing experience in the huge lake here and make the best memories to be cherished ever.

Putudi waterfalls

Being at a close-by distance to Daringbadi, it is also a must to visit a picnicking spot in Odisha. A beautiful waterfall to see to in the land, the attraction here is the forest surroundings, all-around beauty, sunset point and serenity.

Raghurajpur and Pipli

Going these villages will actually let you know more of the local’s passion and living, and you will also get the chance to get some memorandums back to decorate your home and living spaces with beautiful handicrafts and artwork.

Why You Should Visit Odisha This Winter?
Photo Courtesy: Odisha Tourism

So, what are you waiting for? This winter season, make a plan and opt for the best Odisha tour package from Best Choice Holiday and go for a sneak peek into the culture, history, and religiosity of the land and country. The memories while visiting and roaming are going to be for a lifetime certainly.

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Why you should visit Odisha this winter
Why You should visit Odisha this winter
Why You should visit Odisha this winter

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