Flying to Middle East ? Best 5 Airlines to Fly from India to the Middle East

Whether you are a frequent flier or not, traveling overseas can be a big hassle if you do not get the first part right- choosing a good airline to fly with. Depending on where you are travelling, international flights can take anywhere between 3 to 40 hours to reach your destination. While travelling to the middle-east from India, it can take up to 19-20 hours of travelling, if your flight includes a stopover. But there are also flight options where you can fly directly to your destination and take as little as 3-4 hours in total to travel. Hence, as you can see, there is huge range of options available when you are flying to even one particular destination, the Middle East in this case. The air-traffic from India to the Middle Eastern countries is a considerably busy one, with more than 20 major airlines providing almost daily flights from different parts of the country. With so many choices at hand, it is bound to get confusing which airline would be best suited for your travel. To make that choice a little easier, here are five of the best airlines for flying from India to the Middle East that you can choose right off the top:

  • Emirates Airlines: Emirates is perhaps the largest and most esteemed airline, offering flights to all six continents from one hub. Emirates offers some of the best airbuses for flying that are designed to offer spacious seating in Business Class, First Class and Economy Class flights. It also offers a very liberal free checked baggage limit and charges minimal convenience fee for online booking. You can check out Emirates Airlines promo codes on their website for the best prices.


  • Etihad Airways: After Emirates, Etihad is the second largest airlines and UAE’s flagbearer. Rated as a 5-star airline by Skytrax in 2016, Etihad has abundant facilities including on-board entertainment and on board café service, complementary bar service as well as provisions to serve meals according to one’s religious, dietary and medical restrictions. When it comes to choice of seats, Etihad offers First Class, Business Class and Economy Class across all its flights. Apart from the regular cabins, other special cabins include The Residence, First Apartments, First Suites, Business Studio, and Economy Smart. Don’t forget to check their website for Etihad promo codes to get some sweet deals while flying!


  • Qatar Airways: Qatar Airways connects over 150 destinations all over the world including Africa, Central Asia, Europe, Far East, South Asia, Middle East, North America, South America and Oceania from its base in Doha. Qatar offers a luxurious business-class seating with 6.5 feet leg room and seats that can be folded into flat beds with feather duvets. But even in economy, the seats are of 34 inch pitch, and several in-flight services to be availed.


  • Oman Airways: Oman airlines have made quite a reputation for themselves over the past 6 years of its operation with prestigious accolades like Best Luxury Airline, Middle East 2011 in the prestigious Business Destinations Travel Awards 2011, Best In-flight Connectivity & Communications award in The 2011 Passenger Choice Award, Gold Award for Airline of the Year, defeating Qatar Airways and Korean Air at Top Resa in France 2011, to name a few. The airline offers economy and business class seats with inflight entertainment and other services.


  • Iran Air:  Iran Air operates across 60 global destinations including many UAE, Asian, East and West Asian, European, African, American and Southeast Asian countries. The airline is known for providing quality on-board services including a vast option for meals and beverages. The flights are perfect for budget travelling with comfort.

Though these five are the best options in a general scenario for flying to the Middle East from India, it is always advised to do a little bit of research before booking your seats. While looking for flights always keep your priorities in mind- whether you want to save time or money, if you mind having a stopover or if you need any special service on board. In case you are on a budget then don’t forget to check out travel discount offers available in multiple travel websites. Happy flying!

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