Singapore Night Safari: Everything You Wanted To Know & Practical Tips

The night safari is one of the major tourist attractions in Singapore. It is the world’s first safari park for nocturnal animals. This hugely popular safari park gets more than 1.1 million visitors every year. Opened in 1994, the safari park in Singapore provides a unique wildlife adventure at night. The safari takes you on a journey like never before. You are greeted by over 2,500 animals, over 130 species, including many indigenous to the region, such as the endangered Asian elephant, Malayan tapir and Malayan tiger. Spread across 35 hectares of forest, the park promotes biodiversity. If you are on a family holiday, you must include the night safari on your bucket list. It gives you one of its kind experience where kids get to see the nocturnal animals in their natural habitat. The most preferred way to explore the park is to take a tram ride with guided tour. But there are different walking tours for adults as well. Located next to Singapore Zoo, the night safari park has become a significant conservation, rescue and research facility. The best part of the safari park is the way they have diligently designed the lighting of the park. The light is as bright as the full moon light so that it doesn’t disturb the life of the animals since the inhabitants are used to this nature lighting as they are awake and active. Singapore night safari is divided into seven geographical zones, out of which four pathways are specially designed for walking tours.

Everything you wanted to know about Night Safari in Singapore

When it comes to night safari in Singapore, there are a lot of queries about it. The timing, location, features, facilities, things to do, tickets, you get a lot of questions. Here I am going address all of these and also provide you the best practical tips. It will not only help you to plan your safari, but also ensure that you have a hassle-free and enriching wildlife experience in Singapore.

All You Wanted to Know about Singapore Night Safari: The best Practical Tips

Night Safari Park Map

Where and How to buy Tickets for Night Safari?

This is the most asked question when you plan to visit the night safari in Singapore.  It is always advisable to buy the Night Safari Singapore tickets online in advance. Though, you can opt to buy tickets from the ticketing booth as well. Since it is a popular attraction in Singapore, the tickets are sold out very quickly. There are different packages offered based on your preferences. Whether you want an entrance ticket with tram ride, Night Safari Tour with Transfers, Priority Tram and optional dinner or Singapore night safari, zoo, river safari & jurong bird park with tram access, they provide numerous offers to choose from. There is also no entry fee for children between 0-2 years of age.

Their Self printing kiosks are located beside the Ticketing Counters at Singapore Zoo entrance from where one can collect tickets. You can find the kiosks from ticketing counter 3 onward at Singapore Zoo.

Where is the Singapore night safari located?

The Night Safari is located next to the Singapore Zoo at 80 Mandai Lake Road in Singapore.

How to reach there?

In case you are taking the North-South MRT line, you can take the train to any of these MRT stations mentioned below

Khatib, NS14

Choa Chu Kang, NS4

Ang Mo Kio, NS16

From these stations, you can take a connecting bus that will take you straight to Night Safari. There is also a shuttle bus service from Khatib MRT Station (NS14) to the Night Safari Coach Bay in every 20 mins. The timing for the same is from 8.00 am to 10.40 pm.  It takes approximately 15 minutes, depending on the traffic conditions. This is a paid service. Just to inform you that Cash is not accepted.

Apart from that, you can opt for a private taxi to commute to and from the night Safari park. Your hotel can also arrange pick and drop facilities, depending on your interest.

What time does Singapore night safari open?

Singapore Night Safari is open from 7.30 pm to 12 pm daily. The last admission is at 11:15 pm. They are open throughout the year.

How long does it take to complete a visit to the park?

It takes 3 to 4 hours for a complete tour of the park.

Does Night Safari ticket include tram ride?

They have different ticket options. You can choose based on your preferences. Yes, you can choose to buy an entrance ticket that includes tram ride.

What are the Safari options you get?

There are walking tours and tram tours. You can choose based on your preference. If you are travelling with kids, it’s better to go for the tram guided tour as it is very enjoyable for the kids.

What should not be missed during Singapore Night Safari?

Apart from the tours, you should not miss the below mentioned attractions in Singapore Night Safari.

Creatures of the Night Show

It’s a 20 minute show, performed in the big outdoor amphitheater amidst the rain-forest. Timings of the show are 7.30 pm, 8.30 pm, 9.30 pm and 10.30 pm.

Thumbuakar Fire show

It’s a fire show. It’s one of the must attend shows for entertainment. The timings of the show are 07.00 pm, 8.00 pm, 9.00 pm and 10.00 pm.

Unique Dining Experience

You can opt for this unique dining experience in a secret lakeside location overlooking the Upper Seletar Reservoir. You’ll be treated to a four-course gourmet dinner with dessert and enjoy free-flow wine in Singapore’s first tipi tent.

A Movable Feast

Experience the unique dining experience at the award winning Gourmet Safari Express on-board a moving tram. You can enjoy candle light 5 course meal along with mocktails and watch wild animals throughout the journey.

Do they have walking tours for adults?

Yes, they have walking tours in different zones for adults. There are 4 trails you can go on, namely the Fishing Cat Trail, the East Coast Lodge Trail, Leopard Trail and the new Wallaby Trail. The walks are well lit and easy to navigate. To avoid the overcrowded tram ride, the walking tours are like a breeze.

Is Singapore night safari safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to visit with your kids.

Is Singapore night safari worth a visit?

The Singapore Night Safari experience is totally worth it. If you are thinking that it is just another zoo which can only be experienced at night, you must think twice before coming to such a conclusion. It is one of its kind experience and quite unique. You would experience the best of nocturnal wildlife adventure with numerous other attractions. The tours are not just for the families with kids, but adults can enjoy it too. Whether tram or walking tours, you are going to have an experience of a lifetime. So, if you are planning a trip to Singapore, don’t forget to include Night Safari in your list.

Dining options at Night Safari Singapore

There are several dining options around the Night Safari park in Singapore. You can choose based on the food preference you have.

  1. Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant (Located at the Entrance Plaza. Timing: 5.30 pm – 11.00 pm)
  2. Ben & Jerry’s (Located at Entrance Plaza. Timing: 5.30 pm – 12.00 am)
  3. Safari Sizzles (Located at Entrance Plaza. Timing: 5.30 pm – 12.00 am)
  4. Jungle Rotisserie (Located at entrance courtyard. Timing: 5.30 pm – 11.00 pm)

15 Practical Tips for Night Safari in Singapore

  • Singapore Night Safari gets over-crowded. One needs to be aware of the scenario. If you don’t like to be in a crowded place, queuing for lines and don’t have patience, you must not visit Singapore Night Safari.
  • Be early for the Night Safari to avoid unwanted hassles.
  • Buy tickets online to avoid any kind of inconvenience.
  • Eat before your safari experience. There are several restaurants around the park. They open before the park entry time. So you can fill your stomach with some food before the adventure.
  • You should carry drinks and food with you, especially when visiting the park with kids.
  • Don’t think about clicking pictures during the tour. It’s dark out there and flash photography is prohibited.
  • Be prepared for rain. It is advisable to carry a poncho.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes and carry Insect Repellent. These are absolutely necessary.
  • Don’t miss the Creatures of the Night Show and Thumbuakar Fire show there.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. Be sure to have adequate water. You can carry bottles of water and also refill from water dispensers inside the park.
  • Exit during the Thumbuakar Fire show.
  • Don’t try to roam around the prohibited areas. It is highly dangerous and not allowed at all.
  • The park is home to wild animals. So respect the animals, endangered species and wilderness.
  • The park is smoke-free. If you are a smoker, there are designated smoking points outside the park entrance.
  • Follow the park rules. Don’t try to challenge or break any


Singapore boasts a lot of tourist attractions. It has a lot to offer for everyone. If you are travelling to Singapore for the first time, you can check Singapore Visa for Indians here. Don’t forget to visit the Universal Studio Singapore. This is one of my high recommendations. To avoid any unwanted hassles, you can buy Universal Studio Singapore tickets online well in advance.

Disclaimer : Reproduction of any of the contents, including the photographs without prior consent/permission of the writer is strictly prohibited and a violation of the same will attract legal action.

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Singapore Night Safari: Everything You Wanted To Know & Practical Tips

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