Justa Sajjangarh in Udaipur : Worth Your Visit For The Food

There are hotels and hotels. The jaw-dropping architectural designs, eclectic taste in the aesthetically designed art & décor, Ubar luxuries, specially curated experiences and exotic locations, there are only a handful of luxury hotels which are characterized by these special features. There are a few hotels, which are known for their culinary delights and Justa Sajjangarh in Udaipur is one such luxury hotel where food is celebrated at its highest level. The charm of feasting on a variety of cuisines amidst a breath-taking location, away from the city chaos, is simply enticing. It can take you on an overwhelming gastronomically satisfying journey.

This is for the first time, I am highlighting the food of any hotel, rather than my experiential stay. The reason being that it demands a shout-out. I was floored at the very first look of the welcome platter, presented to me in my luxury suite.

It was one of the most uniquely decorated assorted sweets, served on a slate. And it was followed by the endless multi-course meals throughout my stay.

Sabor: The Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

Sabor is a multi-cuisine restaurant, located on the ground floor of the Justa Sajjangarh. It has a live kitchen where the chefs can deliver meals on demands. The elaborate sitting arrangement inside and outside, on the terrace, facing the iconic Monsoon Palace gives you a pleasing vista. I ended up spending a lot of time sampling various dishes at breakfast, lunch and dinner here. The staff and their warm hospitality simply make your experience worthwhile.

Continental Lunch

My very first culinary experience at Sabor was the lunch I had on the first day. As discussed with Chef Summet Sethi, I wanted to go easy on food the first day, as I had plans to step out of the hotel to explore Udaipur after lunch. So, I decided to go with continental food. Least I knew was that I would be presented a multi-course meal, followed by the mouth-watering dessert. It was a feast and absolutely pleasing to eyes. The art of presenting the food was so eye-arresting that more than I ate, I was capturing it into my lens.

Traditional Rajasthani Thali

Well, when you are in Rajasthan, not relishing the traditional Rajasthani meal is a sin. Chef Shravan Singh had presented the most flavorful, authentic Rajasthani Thali to me. The dinner started with the delicious Kalami vada and Laal Murgh Ke Soole, followed by the Dal Bhati Churma, Laal Maas, Gatte Ki Sabzi, Ker Sangri , Bajra Roti, Missi Roti, Khoba roti, Garlic Chutney and Mirchi Kutta. I haven’t tasted such tender and well-cooked Laal Maas anywhere.

Complimenting the legendary dish was the Khoba roti. It is a great combination if you want to try something new rather than Bajra Roti, or Missi Roti.

You can’t just end a meal at Justa Sajjangarh without the best dessert platter, thoughtfully curated and artistically presented by the pastry Chef Sumeet Sethi.

The taste of the Chilli Halwa Twist and Rose Ice Cream along with Mango Baked Yoghurt and Rabri Infused Macaroons still lingers on my mouth.

 An Indian Treat

I only wished to taste the famous Hyderabadi Biryani over lunch on another day. But, I was presented the most elaborate lunch with a multi – course meal. When it is the Justa Sajjangarh hotel, you can expect a scrumptious culinary treasure of mouth-watering dishes, even though you don’t ask for it.

It was nothing less than a feast for me. The lunch started with the Tandoori Veg Platter, followed by the Smoked Chicken Noorani. As they opened the lid of that bamboo basket, smoke from the pot and mere fragrance of the dish was enough to make you hungry. After the starters, we had the super delectable Hydrabadi Chicken Biryani, along with Masoor Dal Makhanwali, Subz Bahar, and Garlic Naan.The chocolate Lava Cake was the perfect punch after the Indian meal.

Dinner at The Air

At Justa Sajjangarh, an evening at the newly opened rooftop restaurant is a must have experience. Unlike Sabor, this restaurant has a very young vibe and best place to relish street food. The Air is open to non-resident guests where you can come with your friends to experience an open air rooftop restaurant feel, with some mouth-watering street food along with cocktails, mock-tails and drinks of your choice.


The décor of the restaurant is very vibrant and colorful. The graffiti adorned walls, colorful cushions, cane sofas, live kitchen, and music; it has everything to make your evening a memorable one.

You can also host private parties and any kind of special occasion out here. I had a gala evening at The Air, enjoying the night view of the astounding white Sajjangarh Palace and having the most exquisite food. I had Chakhna Chat Kara, Cowboy Nachos, Jalapino Poppers (mirchi) with bacon veg, Afgani Fateer, Airy Pizza Capresse, Mutton Ghee Roast. Out of these appetizing dishes, my favourite was Airy Pizza Capresse.

I haven’t had anything like Airy Pizza Capresse. It was a unique one and highly recommended. The evening ended with a sweet platter.

Highlight of Justa Sajjangarh: The Desserts

The drool-worthy desserts, served at the Justa Sajjangarh were the highlights for me. They are not just Instagram-worthy, but have such strong flavors that it lingers for long after you finish eating them. The carefully crafted, palatable and skillfully presented desserts have an exotic taste. I was simply stunned by the way they present each dessert with so much precision and art.

Each time it was presented to me, I felt guilty of eating it as it was like a state of art. The Pastry Chef Sumeet Sethi has taken dessert to a different level all together by creating variety of them, infusing local flavours, and giving a twist to it. The desserts were eye-arresting. I loved it so much that after each meal, I used to wait for the surprise dessert. My eyes used to pop up the minute the desert was presented in front of me. I strongly believe that the Justa Sajjargarh should have a dedicated Pastry Shop at the property which can attract city goers to this lovely property.

About Justa Sajjangarh

Set against the backdrop of the Sajjangarh Biological Park, overlooking the iconic Monsoon Palace, Justa Sajjangarh is a 5 Start Luxury Resort and Spa in Udaipur. Away from the hue and cry of the city, the location of Justa Sajjangarh is a winner for me. With the best of the luxury amenities, the hotel flaunts L shape building, quite prominent in the vicinity. Unlike any hotel in Rajasthan, the Justa Sajjangarh has a very modern approach to their art and décor. Aesthetically designed and tastefully decorated, the lobby area is one of the striking corner of the property. Around 50 minutes drive from Maharana Pratap Airport; Justa Sajjangarh is an ideal choice if you are looking for a quiet corner in the city of lake.

As soon as I stepped inside, I was greeted by the General Manager. The warmth in the behavior and the smooth, hassle-free check in, just won me over. Soon, I was escorted to my suite room which was quite spacious in size. The life-size window, LED television, two air-conditioners, private dining area, sofa and the comfortable couch adjoining to the large French window, made it a comfortable stay.

The best thing about the suite room was the stunning view of the Sajjangarh Palace from the room. Especially, in dark, when the white palace dazzles with light on the hilltop, you can just sit back and relax, only to admire the alluring view from your room.

Apart from that, I also enjoyed the Jacuzzi in my bathroom. I spent considerable time in the Jacuzzi each day, looking out and appreciating the view worth watching for hours.

Disclaimer : Reproduction of any of the contents, including the photographs without prior consent/permission of the writer is strictly prohibited and a violation of the same will attract legal action.

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    It’s not often that a hotel is remembered more for its food than for its rooms, but indeed this restaurant seems to exceed the standards of a hotel restaurant. Your welcome platter looks tasty and welcoming. If the food tasted as good as it looks, you must have felt in heaven there.

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    The welcome platter really looks awesome. I can understand why you chose to write about the food at Justa Sajjangarh. They look quite tempting and I love Rajasthani food. The building, its interior all look beautiful and colourful. And I would really enjoy spending time in the bathroom only because of the view that it has to offer.
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    I have visited some boutique hotels but this one surely stands out for quality and presentation of the food alone from the visuals you have added. The decor of the hotel itself is very inviting but what tops it is the choice of cuisine and the presentation. I would live to try the traditional Rajasthan and Asian cuisine on offer. The open view of the baths another cracker. Thanks fir sharing a gem.

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