Dubai Beyond Skyscrapers: Top Offbeat Experiences

The eye-arresting look of the skyscrapers, amazing man-made islands, fast-moving metros, world-class infrastructures, biggest shopping malls, luxuriant resorts, and flaunting elite lifestyle; Dubai comes with these synonyms. There is no argument against these tags since Dubai is all of that.

But apart from the mesmerizing concrete picture that Dubai has created on the world map, there is also another side of Dubai that celebrates the rich cultural heritage beautifully. The glimpse of the traditional yet charming old Dubai is enchanting and quite exciting for a person like me, who is in constant search of places that are off the tourist’s radar.

The offbeat experiences of the other side of Dubai take you back in time and introduce you to the most enriching part of Dubai, which is hidden behind the glam and glitter of high-rise buildings.

Let’s travel a few extra miles beyond Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall and find out places less-explored.

Explore Bur (old) Dubai

Picture Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

The Bur Dubai is beyond the glitzy and luxurious side of quintessential Dubai. It is the heart of traditions and culture that celebrates its heritage proudly. It may not be as sleek and sophisticated, but it can take you to the bygone era. If you are a culture and history enthusiast, then visiting Bur Dubai will give you a better understanding of the history of the UAE.

The charm of Bur Dubai is quite enthralling as it introduces the visitors to a whole new world. Home to several museums, heritage sites, cultural centers, souqs, and historical buildings, Bur Dubai should be on your list if you are looking forward to having some unique experiences.

Visit Souq

Picture Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

I am a big fan of the souq in the Middle East and love the concept of this old market in those small puzzling alleyways. It represents the true lifestyle of the locals and also mirrors their culture to the world beautifully. If you are someone who loves to buy souvenirs, local handicrafts, hand-woven fabrics, spices, and even gold jewelry, then visiting a souq is the best idea.

Don’t miss visiting dedicated souqs for gold jewelry, spices, and perfumes. You will be amazed to find the variety of aromatic spices at Spice Souq which is considered a Chef’s haven. If you are into gold jewelry, a visit to the Gold Souq is absolutely necessary. From the exotic traditional oud to essential oils, pure perfumes to incense sticks, the Perfume Souq will spoil you with options. It is said that there is something for everyone there.

The Coffee Museum

Picture Courtesy: The Coffee Museum website

This is an unusual choice, but worth going for. If you are fascinated by the history and origin of coffee, a visit to the coffee museum is a must. Located in Dubai’s heritage district, Al Fahidi, The Coffee Museum is Dubai’s first museum dedicated to coffee entirely.

Coffee has been an integral part of the Middle Eastern heritage for a long and it’s great to finally have a museum in Dubai, where a visitor is not just enriched with knowledge of its origin, but also gets to see coffee by the region and countries, its influence on various cultures can learn the difference between various coffee, the grinding process, and even taste. Don’t be surprised when you meet an Ethiopian lady at the Ethiopian corner, who patiently shows the traditional Ethiopian technique. The coffee originates from Ethiopia.

The museum also includes an Emirati-style majlis, where you can explore the local Bedouin coffee traditions as well. The museum houses a lot of antiques, texts, and old coffee advertisements as well.

Bastakia Quarter

Picture Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Bastakia Quarter is one must-visit heritage site of Bur Dubai, constructed by the Persian merchants in the 19th century. It is said that the merchants were attracted to this city due to its relaxed trade and tariff, which led them to construct this important cultural heritage. Hence the name is taken from southern Iran’s town named Bastak.

The area has been declared a conservation site where visitors can now scroll around the pedestrianized alleys and admire several restored buildings. A picturesque site is a quiet place, far away from the hustle and bustle of the glitzy hub in Dubai. Some of the restored buildings are private homes, though a few are open to the public that including buildings like Dubai Museum, Arabian Tea House, Ostra (A gallery specializing in contemporary art and sculptures), and the Sheikh Mohammed Center for cultural understanding, etc. 

The charming neighborhood of Bastakia quarter is also flanked by wind towers, exclusive Majlis Gallery, and cafeterias, where you can spend time and unwind in the most perfect cultural environment.

Dhow Cruise Experience at Dubai Creek

Picture Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Instead of sitting in a high-end restaurant and enjoying the skyline of Dubai through a glass window, you can opt for a Dhow Cruise at Dubai Creek for a more authentic yet beautiful evening. Imagine having dinner with traditional music, while admiring the fascinating lights of Dubai creek.

It can create magic and make a memorable evening for you. If you are someone, who has the urge for authentic experiences, it is always a better idea to go for traditional and local experiences that allow you to see a place like a local. So, be a local and immerse in the awe-inspiring beauty of Dubai differently.

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