Five Places That You Haven’t Explored in Mussoorie

Situated a few kilometers ahead of Dehradun, Mussoorie is a beautiful hill station in Uttarakhand. Located at the base of the Garhwal Himalayan range, this hill station is also known as The Queen of the Hills. Offering some of the quaintest experiences, this hill station is best suited to be visited between March and November. While you may have visited Mussoorie before, there is still a chance that you haven’t seen some of its hidden gems. Check out these five places that you still haven’t explored in Mussoorie.

Mussoorie Heritage Centre

Opened with the objective of showcasing & preserving Mussoorie’s heritage, Mussoorie Heritage Centre is a social enterprise venture. It puts the historical beauty of Mussoorie up on display from the year of 1814, when the region’s first map was compiled up until the year of 1959, when HH The Dalai Lama built his first colony in this town.

Happy Valley

Situated at a short distance from the Mall Road in Mussoorie, Happy Valley is the center of the Tibetan settlement in the hill station. Lined with oaks and deodars, this beautiful place demands at least one visit by its visitors when they are in Mussoorie. Surrounded by several cafes and hotels in Mussorie, this place offers an experience as picturesque and serene as no other.

Jwala Devi Temple

Located at a distance of 9 KM from west of Mussoorie, Jwala Devi Temple is situated atop the Benog Hill at an altitude of 2,240 meters above sea level. It’s a must-visit for people who are interested in Hindu mythology since the temple holds a century-old idol of the Indian deity, Goddess Durga, who is known as the manifestation of absolute beauty and power.

Jabarkhet Nature Reserve

Jabarkhet Nature Reserve is the place for every wildlife enthusiast who finds peace in the lap of Mother Nature. Visit this reserve during the spring season to enjoy the scarlet trails of rhododendron flowers and a breathtakingly beautiful view of the Himalayas.


Kanatal is a small village, situated at an altitude of 8,500 meters above sea level on the Mussoorie-Chamba Road. Presenting a gorgeous view of the Garhwal Himalayan range, the village serves as the perfect weekend getaway for the people who are tired of the city life. Still largely unexplored, Kanatal is also an ideal destination for camping as it snows there quite regularly. The famous tourist attraction, the Surkanda Devi Temple is also situated only 10 KM ahead of Kanatal.

Mussoorie is a popular hill station of India and sees quite a number of visitors each year. To ensure that you make the most of your trip to Mussoorie, you should book your hotel stay in advance.

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