Planning To Explore Offbeat Goa? Beyond Beach Hopping & Night Parties

Goa is no more a cliched tourist destination known for its golden-sand beaches and the vibrant night parties, flocked with foreigners. One of the bohemian paradises in India, Goa is much more than what meets the eye. There are many places hidden from the tourist radar in Goa, which will take you on a whole new journey of discoveries about this mesmerizing place. Taking a few extra miles to explore the concealed side of Goa can help you create a medley of sublime experiences, which will change your perception about this place forever.

What are these experiences?

Offering you a chance to explore the hidden aspects of Goa, there are numerous activities that get you massive adrenaline rush. I am listing some of the main things to do here apart from beach hopping, lazing at the shacks and partying.

Visiting a fishing village

Instead of beach hopping, visiting a fishing village to get the glimpses of the life of fishermen, can be an enriching experience to add to your Goan itinerary. One of the popular fishing villages in North Goa, Betim village is known for its fresh seafood. Hardly one km away from the famous Mandovi Bridge, this small fishing village is known as a boat building village where the villagers are involved in making boats and fishing. People do visit this place to avail the ferry service which takes you across to Panjim. Walking around the village, interacting with the locals and seeing the people making boats, away from the usually chaotic Goa is a good change from the usual sightseeing.

Islands Hopping

Far away from the crowded beaches, you can opt for island hopping by the ferries, only to indulge in more scenic and rustic landscapes. The Old Portuguese styled houses, traditional lifestyle and wonderful culinary experiences will enrich your travel memories while exploring the life on those islands. This is the best way to enjoy Goa traditionally beyond the beaches.

Visiting Spice Plantations

Whenever we talk about spice plantations, it always leads us to the southern part of India. But visiting a spice garden in Goa is totally off the radar for tourists. The walk through the aromatic spice plantation and learning more about the Indian spices is one of the best ways to spend the day uniquely. Goa is known for producing spices like Black pepper, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Cloves, Chillies, Coriander, Cashew, and Betel nut palm in their spice plantations. You can also try the local drink, Fenni, made out of the cashew fruit straight from the distillery. There are a few noted spice plantations, like the Sahakari Spice Farm, Abyss Spice Farm, and Savoi Spice Plantation, which are not to be missed.

Kayaking in the Goan Backwaters

If you are someone who loves to spend most of your time by the water, then exploring the backwaters of Goa can be one unique experience to add to your list. The best way to enjoy the backwaters of Goa is by kayaking in the secluded, calm water along with dense mangrove forests. Kayaking early in the morning with the rising sun, listening to the sound of chirping birds and feeling the cold breeze is the best possible way to enjoy the serenity of the backwaters of Goa.

Snorkelling in Bat Island

If you are an adventure junkie who loves trying the underwater activities everywhere, you must visit Bat Island or Pequeno Island, for the best snorkeling experience in Goa. The Bat Island flaunts its rocky beaches and is an ideal location for snorkeling. During your time underwater, you will enjoy the company of beautiful fishes like Batfish, Angelfish, Barracudas, Snappers, Lion fish, and other underwater wonders. People mostly opt for a day trip to the Bat Island for adventure activities, but spending your night at this Island is another unique experience in itself.

Have you ever visited any offbeat place in Goa? If not, you must include a few of them in your next visit. Choose from various Goa packages while planning for your next holiday to the beach paradise.

Don’t forget to add some unique experiences to your Goan itinerary next time.

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  1. Bhavya Vatrapu

    I really love offbeat destinations and seeing the unseen side of Goa was something I had always wanted to do. Though I have had my share of offbeat Goa travel, I would love to visit the places you mentioned so beautifully!! Keep up the same.

  2. Sharath

    Awesome! Your articles are really good. Pictures are amazing.

  3. Sabbir Ah

    Your photos are awesome. I’ve never been to Goa. But I definitely plan to visit goa someday.
    Sabbir Ah recently posted…Humminbird Helix 5 ReviewMy Profile

  4. Abhinav Singh

    I love both touristy and offbeat Goa. Of the activities you listed here, a visit to the spice plantation appeals the most to me. I loved that sun set shot at the end. Amazing.

  5. Allison

    Goa seems like a wonderful place. I thought you did an awesome job at showing the alternative side to Goa. Many people get so wrapped up in the touristy stuff they often forget to experience the “real” culture. Very well written.

  6. Joanna

    I have many friends who go to Goa in winter to get away from the cold and explore the beaches. I didn’t know however that there were so many other things to do there than lay in the sun. The old fishing villages sound amazing and I would love to go and explore them. Same as with the spice plantations. I do love spices in my food and it would be amazing to see how they grow.

  7. Pooja

    Wonderful guide! Learned something new about Goa apart from beaches and night life. Will definitely experience these things once in Goa. Thanks for the guide 🙂

  8. Yukti

    This is my type of traveling, as I would love to visit offbeat paths in Goa apart from famous beaches or nightlife. Islands hopping and Kayaking in Goan Backwaters would be so wonderful activity. Visiting spice plantations must be so aromatic and refreshing.

  9. Ivy

    Island hopping would be my go-to! I haven’t gone to India yet but I’ll be sure to stop by Goa for its island scene. Would love to visit the spice plantations too since it’s less visited!

  10. Bhusha

    Can you believe that I still haven’t been to Goa!!! I already have a list of off-beat places to see when I venture to Goa. Gonna include Bat Island as well in it!
    Bhusha recently posted…Londinium (London – England)My Profile

  11. Carol Colborn

    I’ve never been to India and Goa doesn’t come top of mind when you plan a trip there. But your photos are awesome. And the idea of spice plantations pique the interest of this budding cook!

  12. Lisa

    I’ve never been to India, but would really like to see Goa for myself. I’ve heard so many good things about it, and all your photos make me want to go even more. I’d like to try kayaking, and see one or two local fishing villages. I’m sure the scene is so pretty there.

  13. Niyas

    Nice photographs.


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