How to Look Stylish While Travelling : Tips & Trends

To become a fashion trendsetter is the urge of the hour. Having your own style statement and flaunting it gracefully is every woman’s secret desire. With the changing time, even travelers no longer carry that old rough, tough and rugged look anymore. Everyone wants to become a style icon in their own capacity. Travelling has become a glamorous affair. The impact of social media is unquestionably one of the major reasons, which has contributed tremendously in changing the scenario. The holiday wardrobe is equally important like your travel essential nowadays.

Being a Travel Blogger, I travel to diverse cultural destinations throughout the year, which demands a varied set of closets. While packing the suitcase for my travels, I mostly carry fluid fabrics to complement my journey. The fluid fabrics not only provide the much needed comfort but celebrate fashion as well. To move effortlessly and also establishing your own style is what I like to do on my trips.  And I did the same when I decided to explore “The Happiest Country in the world “called Bhutan recently. My specially curated fluid fashion wardrobe did wonders in this tiny Himalayan land.

Before you jump into conclusion, here are a few tips on how to stay stylish while travelling to any destination.

Know Your Destination


I always encourage everyone to do a basic research on the destination before you actually land there. It helps immensely to plan your trip. While insisting on knowing the destination, I want you to address a few concerns like what kind of clothing you need to pack? Do you need to pack light woollens or heavy layered ones? Will it be windy or snowy out there? Are you travelling to a hill station? Is your destination at a high altitude? These questions need to be answered even before you start packing for your holiday. It certainly makes you aware of your holiday destination and helps you to decide on your closet well in advance. Well, who does not want to look like a fashionista after all? 

If I talk about my recent trip to Bhutan, I did a thorough research on the destination. Nestled between Himalayan ranges, Bhutan has the most pleasant weather condition throughout the year. Due to its fantastic weather, it allowed me to carry my fluid fashion beautifully in the monsoon as well. The charm of wearing my fluid fabrics made me comfortable and I could roam around effortlessly, even at the high altitude mountain pass.

Know the cultural background


Another important aspect is to know the cultural background of the destination before you start packing for your trip. Being a traveller, you need to be sensitive enough to respect the culture and tradition of the land. The wardrobe for a Middle Eastern country will be completely different from a cosmopolitan beach country. In case you are travelling to a country like Iran, which is known for its dress code along with other social, religious and cultural practices, you need to be aware of their clothing. Women in Iran are required to wear a head scarf to cover their head and hair. Not just that, women also need to cover their whole body. A country like Iran, where one is expected to wear a conservative dress code, you need to be conscious to carry your own fashion statement without hurting the cultural sentiments. At the same time, if you are heading towards a beach destination like Miami, life is pretty easy out there. You can flaunt your beach wear without any hassle.

Knowing about the cultural background helped me to decide my clothing in the country like Bhutan, where almost everyone wears their traditional attire. The tourists can wear anything, but the only restriction is to cover your full body whenever you are visiting religious places like a monastery, Dzong or any temple.

Choose Comfortable Clothing


Comfort always comes first over style when you are travelling. There are plenty of ways to be comfortable without compromising the look. The flawless drapes work almost everywhere. Be it a modern city or a little orthodox society, the fluid fabrics never fail to make you look good. In a summer season, a long maxi dress can work perfectly on a hot and humid day. I chose to wear my loose cotton tops, denim shirts paired with darker bottoms, my little black dress and sometime floral prints during my trip to Bhutan.  And I drew a lot of attention for my ultra glam look.

Keep that one “Smart Casual Dress”


No matter where you are heading, you should always carry one formal dress for an unplanned dinner date. One little black dress and stilettos can make you a Social Diva on your dinner date at an upscale restaurant in a gorgeous location. It really helps you to indulge in that romantic dinner, sudden beach party or an invitation to someone’s house. It is the must have in one’s suitcase. And never forget to accessorize your dress with some elegant jewelry to give it an extra edge.

Try Traditional Attire


I love the idea of wearing traditional attire of the country I am holidaying in. The whole purpose of doing this is to make a conscious effort to be a part of their culture during my stay in that country. Not just that, it often seems to be a great concept of trying their outfits as most of them are beautiful and elegant. I tried doing this on my trip to Bhutan where I wore the Bhutanese traditional dress called Kira. This is the national dress for Bhutanese women in Bhutan. I found Kira extremely graceful, comfortable and stylish. While wearing their national dress, I could not shy away from flaunting it.

I follow these tips on my travels. Do you also have some tips? Do share it with me.

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  1. Rifat

    This is really a great article and a great read for me. It’s my first visit to your blog and I have found it so useful and informative. Thank you

  2. Yana Johnson

    Bhutan is indeed a paradise rather a best kept secret from the western travellers, who would travel India, Maldives, Nepal, China bypassing this tiny haven. You are right, it is important to dress comfortably while respecting the cultural sensitivity of the destination country.

  3. Sofi leen

    I Like to use Carry on when travelling in Canada, but when I travel outside Canada i need a good Suitcase! Thanks so much for this chance to win.
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  4. Janice Iverson

    Hi Sir,
    These are seriously excellent tips .
    And according to me one must be go through this article and read these tips for getting a stylish looks .
    I am damn sure that this article will help a lot for others.
    Thank you for such great information.
    Kind and Warm Regards: Janice Iverson

    • Parnashree Devi

      Hi Arnav, Travelling light is nothing less than an art and many of us need to learn that

  5. Rekha

    loved the post. Thanks for sharing

  6. Tales of Travelling Sisters

    Great tips Parnashree! We couldnt agree with you more on choosing comfort over being stylish! And doing a proper research on the destination is very important.. 🙂 Thank you sharing this post…:)

    • Parnashree Devi

      Thank you so much for your comment. The comfortable clothing is very important while travelling . And when comfort provides style , it rather looks glamorous .

  7. sumit srivastava

    wonderful post , good images nice dressing thanks for post

    • Parnashree Devi

      Thanks a lot Sumit. I am glad that you liked it.


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