Why I Chose Fluid Fashion for My Maiden Trip to Thailand

Travelling to a new country always excites me. The endless possibilities of discovery, letting out the splendid secrets and turning a new page of your travel diary is undoubtedly one of those thrilling experiences one wants to endure. I was going through the same emotions when I decided to explore one of the Southeast Asian Countries recently, which is known for its magnificent palaces, majestic architectures, rich cultural heritage and its people. It was my maiden trip to Thailand.

When it comes to travelling abroad, the very first thing that hovers in your mind is undoubtedly packing the suitcases. And unfortunately many of us have still not learnt the art of travelling light. As a result, we end up shopping a bundle of unnecessary wear and face a hard time fitting everything in our bags. Have we ever thought of packing our travel essentials based on the destination or the season in which we are heading out? I am sure we haven’t given a profound thought on it.

Being a traveller, this time I made a conscious effort to travel light and decided to experiment with a new wardrobe. Leaving behind the regular jeans and tops, I chose to have fluid fabrics in my collection.


The colourful, free flowing, adaptable and easy to drape apparels became my best companion during the journey. Fluidity in fashion offers comfort and allows you to travel carefree. The best thing about fluid fabric is that it makes you look effortlessly stylish.


While visiting the tourist attractions, especially the religious sites require comfortable clothing, which is flawless, easy to blend and at the same time covers your body gracefully. If I talk about my recent visit to a few sacred places in Bangkok and Ayutthaya, I need to mention that like any other country, Thailand also has its own set of rules and regulation regarding dressing up, especially while visiting temples, monasteries or the palaces. One can’t enter the premises without covering his/her full body.


In spite of having the reputation of being one of the urban cities in the world, Bangkok never fails to remind its tourist to show respect to their cultural and religious sentiments, which is commendable. Being a traveller, it is my responsibility to respect the religious sentiments and the culture of the place I am holidaying in. Choosing the appropriate attire is unquestionably one of the crucial aspects of it. But you will still find many obvious souls, who still manage to give it a miss. While queuing up for my turn to enter the Grand Palace and the famous Wat Pho in Bangkok, I could notice many people were facing problems, as they were not allowed to enter the shrine due to their inappropriate dressing. It was my new found love for my fluid collection (Mostly long maxi dresses, Linen/ cotton shirts, scarf, tops, kurta etc.), which came handy in those religious sites. It helped me immensely to move everywhere confidently. It is essential to dress comfortably while hopping from one tourist spot to another. And particularly, when its summer, fluid fabric is the best choice one can opt for. I had a great time flaunting my fluid fashion during my trip to Thailand.

Are you also following the latest trend of fluid fashion? Let the flawless fall drape your body and allow you to celebrate femininity gracefully on your travels.

Fluidity offers comfort. Comfort offers style & style creates the fashion statement.

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  1. neha goyal

    Really informative article, Parnashree. Even this thing, I have experienced from our last year one-month long vacation in Goa that you must pack light when you are traveling otherwise taking care of big luggage bags make your travel more difficult sometimes.

    During our this year travel to Thailand, we have packed our stuff so nicely that we can manage it without any hassle and important point was I too packed my limited clothes so that i can buy few from Thailand and experience their lifestyle and clothing 🙂

    • Parnashree Devi

      Hi Neha, Thank you for your feedback. Travelers should learn the art of Packing light. It help you to move freely everywhere.

  2. June

    It’s great that you’ve discovered and enjoyed the benefits of dressing in loose fitting, comfortable holiday clothing including being well prepared for visiting the many religious buildings. This is a good tip and something that people overlook. Looks like your packing will be easier in future 🙂

    • Parnashree Devi

      Thanks June. Absolutely, We should also pay respect to the religious and cultural sentiments of the place we are holidaying in. The Fluid fabrics are best companion for summer season .

  3. Naomi

    Thailand seems like an excellent choice to change your wardrobe!

  4. Tripti Singh

    Nice Post and your positive comments add more charm to Bangkok which is a friendly country for visitors.


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