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My tryst with Sushi happened when I ordered my first Sushi from the newly opened Sushi Junction (Malviya Nagar Outlet). I ordered 3 authentic size of Sushi, Futomaki (large thick roll),Chumaki (medium size inside out roll with rice outside Seaweed Inside) and Hosomaki(traditional thin roll). I was pleasantly surprised by the Indian flavours in Japanese Sushi. The fusion of authentic Japanese and Indian flavours in both Veg and Non- Veg Sushi were distinct and delicate.The wasabi was just perfectly spicy . Gari (pickled slices of young ginger) and Soy sauce were equally fresh to compliment the Sushi.The Non Veg platter consisted of California Non-Veg, Chicken Tori karage and Salmon Maki. However, the most amazing part of my order was the Veg Sushi platter which was unique. The Chef Selection, Veg Platter, had California Veg, Umekyu, Oshinko and Kidney bean version with Curry Sauce. The Veg platters definitely surprised me with its delicate taste and innovative blend of Indian flavours.


The changing trend of food culture has an overpowering impact on the food lovers. When we talk about International cuisines in India, Chinese, Italian and Thai Cuisines have dominated the food scene for decades until now. Nobody gave a profound thought about the Japanese food having a chance of survival in India. The common perception about Japanese food was that it is too bland, hardly has any flavours and the ingredients are hard to source. Indians would not like to have raw fish and on top of it, good Japanese food is too expensive.


India got its very first Japanese Restaurant called Sakura in the year 2000 in New Delhi. The award winning fine dining restaurant, used to offer the best and authentic Japanese Cuisines in town. It was unquestionably an expensive affair. It used to be the favourite hangout zone for Japanese expats in Delhi those days. Following the path, a lot of Japanese restaurants made their place in the upscale hotels in India. Gradually Japanese food started to attract the rich and famous class in the society.Though, the growth of Japanese Restaurants in India was considerably slow. Japanese food was yet to grab the attention of people in India, which made culinary delight of Japanese food restricted to a particular class in the society.


But the present scenario of food culture in metro cities is surprising, wherein the younger generation has started enjoying the new found Japanese cuisines and exploring a variety of raw fish, rice roll, and wasabi in their platter. It is not only that the Japanese Cuisines are finding their space in the International food counter, but have also been able to create a new delectable taste bud for the new generation. Slowly a lot of small Sushi Bar have started opening in metro cities of India, offering Japanese cuisines to people at a much affordable price.

Interestingly, most of the Sushi served in Japanese Restaurants in Japan or any other country comes in two types. The most authentic one is Nigiri-Zushi, which is a pellet of rice with a chunk of raw fish on top of it.


The Japanese would always go for this type of Sushi whereas the world is fond of Maki-Zushi, which is basically a rice roll wrapped in seaweed with fish on the inside.


A good Sushi is all about the rice. Japanese will judge a Sushi on the basis of the quality of rice pellet, the freshness of the Toro sashimi (piece of tuna belly) and how it is cut by the chef. But when it comes to Indians, these things are hardly a matter of concern as long as one is having a rice roll with Indian flavours. But the best part is that Sushi has become the favourite food choice for the younger generation.

About Sushi Junction

Sushi Junction has already got its popularity in Gurgaon and now they have opened a new branch in Malviya Nagar, South Delhi. They deliver in Gurgaon and also in South Delhi.

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    Sushi is simply too tasty. I like the way how it is wrapped with so many different tastes.


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