Heritage Village Resort & Spa : A Perfect Weekend Getaway

After spending those hectic hours at work, handling an end number of projects, meeting clients and living the same old routine life, everyone eagerly waits for the weekend to break the uniformity to rejuvenate and relax. Imagine spending your weekend sitting by the poolside, indulging in luxurious Spa experience, having a meal cooked with organic vegetables, and enjoying a soulful evening watching a live band performance with mouth-watering food. How about spending the weekend in a Heritage property, which is hardly an hour’s drive from Delhi?


Situated on the National Highway 8, Heritage Village Resort and Spa is the perfect weekend getaway. Spread across 12 acres of Lush greenery, the magnificent property will impress you the moment you step in. Inspired by the royal grandeur of Rajasthani architecture, and the rural set up of Punjab, this urban boutique resort undoubtedly presents a unique yet spectacular blend of both the architectures. It symbolizes the royal lifestyle and offers high standard hospitality. With palace styled architectures, the rooms at this property are clubbed into different clusters. They have 154 luxurious rooms and suites, which are styled elegantly.


Equipped with all kinds of facilities, Heritage Village Resort and Spa flaunts with the lush greenery all around. With a well maintained and manicured lawn, the organic farm, the trees and the colourful garden, this resort can easily transport you to the royal era. It looked like a completely new world to me the moment I stepped in.


What really impressed me was the idea of planting Tulsi in front of every room. While offering a lavish experience in the royal styled rooms, keeping a Tulsi plant in front of these rooms simply establishes the fact that they celebrate the deep rooted Indian culture, which is rare to see in luxurious property like this.


Tulsi Plant in front of every room


Entrance to the Cluster

Well, after a warm welcome, I was escorted towards the newly opened restaurant called Jharokha.


After a brief introduction with the Vice President & General Manager of the resort, Mr. Gopal Vaideswaran, I was presented the specially curated Organic Thali. The first look of the Thali was impressive and intriguing. Being a foodie, it was like a food fiesta for me. From Dal Makhani, Saag Gosht, Patrani Machchi, Paneer Gravy, Mix Veg, to Salad, each one of those dishes had a distinct flavour and delicate taste.


Intricately designed menu by Chef Gaurav Mathur was one of the first highlights of my stay at the property.

Do you remember, when was the last time you had tea at a tea stall?


I suppose we do not have the luxury of time to live those early memories when we used to enjoy the tea, followed by small talks with strangers at those roadside tea stalls. I was overwhelmed when I was told about the Pappu Tea Stall at the property.


Sitting under a tree, having my evening tea with a bunch of like-minded people, and striking a random conversation is one of the best ways of spending the evening. The newly opened themed Tea Stall at the resort is a unique concept, which allows you to live beyond your routine life, indulge in the luxury of time, and to have some quality time in true sense.


While having those random conversations, I did not even realize when time slipped through my fingers. To add to the celebration, mango tarts, cupcakes, rolls, and sandwiches complimented my tea time.

I could not have asked for a more beautiful evening than listening to the rocking band called Tarkash. The soul stirring Saturday became soulfully musical when the band started performing the best Sufi numbers one after another.


The unlimited drinks and lip smacking starters made it even better. I could not shy away from shaking my leg to the tunes of some famous Bollywood songs in that musical evening. I do not remember the last time when I danced so happily as if no one is watching me. It was undoubtedly one of the best evenings I spent in recent time.


Why you should consider Heritage Village Resort & Spa for your weekend Getaway?

  • This is the nearest weekend getaway from the city (Delhi).
  • The package for one day will cost you INR 12,500 for a couple & two kids under 6 years (plus additional tax), which includes three meals with a musical night.(This is quite economical if you compare having dinner at an upscale restaurant with your family)
  • You will save travelling cost and time.

Convincing enough?

I truly had a great time spending my weekend at Heritage Village Resort & Spa. From sampling the Organic Thali, evening tea at Pappu Tea Stall, enjoying the melodious Sufi songs by the band Tarkash to having lip smacking food platters, I liked every moment of it. From the lush greenery, the well spread lawn and the royal courtyard, every corner of the property is tastefully done. The elegance of royal lifestyle and flamboyant style reflects in the intricate details of the rooms and suites. I was floored by their hospitality and the services, which made  my holiday experience an unforgettable one.

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      The property is undoubtedly stunning , just a few KM away from Delhi. Food is another highlight.


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