Why I Travel

I still remember those days when after school I used to be glued to our Black & White television set to watch places and dreamt of visiting those one fine day. Time has slipped through my fingers in these years. But I have not changed at all. I still watch all the travel shows in Fox life, TLC, Discovery , National Geographic and I still dream of travelling to these exotic locations one fine day. The urge of going to different places, experiencing something new and living a life that I have designed for myself is only thriving with each passing day. Travelling has become an addiction. Getting lost in the map has become my favorite game in life and when I derive simple pleasures from those unexplored corners, I call it “A Perfect Life”.


Why I don’t mind getting lost again and again?

People often question me, why do you travel so much? What you get by travelling places?  Why travelling is so much important for you?  Well, the answer is simple. I travel because I want to travel. It’s difficult to make people understand why I travel. Even my own family sometimes fail to understand the significance of travelling for me. It is difficult to sail against the waves.

Why I get excited when I see or discover a new place in one of my favorite Travel Shows, why I get jealous of a person who is living my dream of travelling the world, or why I am not attracted to a diamond ring the way any girl should be? When I sit back, see the world through my lens, somehow I realize the fact that I do have all the answers. And, it is high time to let the world know why I don’t mind getting lost in map again and again.

Here are my answers ……………

I Travel because I want to

I travel because I want to explore this beautiful world. From the luxurious vacation to the most authentic rural treat, I want to experience everything. I love the idea of going places and exploring the roads less traveled. For me travelling is not just a visit to a new place. It is much more than that. I have chosen to buy experiences over amassing wealth. The whole journey of discovering something new, meeting a new bunch of people, experiencing things that you never did in your entire life or having something absolutely bizarre is what I call a true adventure. When you set out to a new place without having a pre-conceived notion and open to embrace everything coming with it, is what travelling is for me. I simply love those thrills in life when you meet with unexpected occurrences. Sometimes it turns out to be incredibly beautiful, sometimes it is not so good. Sometime you feel that you are on top of the world and sometimes you tend to regret your decisions. But the beauty of travelling is that it makes you move on and on. And the journey towards the unknown is rewarding.

Travelling gives me happiness

It does actually. It gives me immense happiness. I find my soul while on the road. Popping my head out of the window, I am introduced to a new world of discovery. A world of diverse cultures, languages and lifestyles. Happiness for me is when I experience the rising sun behind the layers of hills, when I see the full moon in the sky at midnight, when millions of stars explode to my senses, and when I experience absolute tranquility in the middle of a serene landscape. Happiness is when I want to get lost in the forest, when I see scintillating lights on the hilltop at night, and when time stands still for hours without you even realizing it. I have experienced many such priceless moments during my journeys. I feel high when I exchange a smile with a stranger, even though we fail to understand each other’s language. Happiness for me is the expressions which bring immense joy to your life when you discover them in the most unexpected way.

Travelling makes me a better person

It always happens with me. The moment I stand in front of a towering hill, I find myself very small. It crushes my ego and arrogance and introduces me to the real world. It makes me grounded. It evokes the sense of belongingness in you.  Unknowingly, you tend to adjust to your new found world.  The world, which is beyond your comfort zone. You try to adapt things as much as you can. Travelling teaches life lessons which nobody else can teach you. It has made me realize what a small place I occupy in this Universe. At least I can profoundly state that travelling has made me quite humble in life. It not only broadens my prospective about life, but also makes me a responsible person. Travelling is a liberating and an enriching experience which sets you free and makes you realize the worth of those little things which we ignore most of the time. It has helped me to evolve as a better human being. I think I started valuing relationships much more after I set out to explore places. I understand the importance of rituals, traditions and culture. And I am still learning the craft of understanding diverse cultural landscapes that travelling offers to me. It undeniably makes me a better person.

 I love experiencing new things in life

Experiencing something new always entices me. And I have a few of them in my kitty. It was super fun when I did river rafting in Kundalika River in Kolad for the very first time, Paragliding in Solang Valley, exploring tribal villages in Bastar, Night walk in a haunted beach, or Canoe ride in Denwa River in Satpura National Park. Travelling undoubtedly pushes you to the edge where you engulf everything that comes your way. I thoroughly enjoy doing something new every day. Every turn I take on the highway surprises me to the core. Because you will find something new in every corner.

I want to see the world

If you are getting the opportunity to see this incredibly beautiful world, you should make the most of it.  And my dream is to see this world. I would like to visit every country to experience diversity at its best. So many countries, cultures, languages, traditions and lifestyles. One life is not enough to cover the world. My bucket list is increasing with each passing day and I like it even more. From Italy to Iran and Ireland to Istanbul, I would like to visit each of these countries. I believe that my life is not meant to sit in a cubicle, doing an eight hours shift and withdrawing a handsome salary every month. I would rather earn less money, see new places, meet new people and learn things that life has to offer. Seeing same set of people every day, doing the same routine job and living a traditional life is not the way I would like to celebrate my life. As rightfully said, “Life is not meant to be lived  in one place. “

When the breathtaking landscapes, the shining sun, the sound of wind, and a bunch of strangers literally change the meaning of your life even without your own knowledge, Will you still not call it, “The Perfect Life”  ?

And that’s it. That is why I choose to travel places, doing things that I am passionate about without caring much about being judged. Because chasing those golden hours during sunrise each day in a new destination is the way I like to celebrate my life. I believe that no matter where you have been,how far you have come, and how much you have experienced, there is always further to go and plenty to explore.

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  1. Akhilee

    Brilliant is all i can say!

  2. VJ Sharma

    Beautifully compiled post. I find it very difficult to write about this topic, because it becomes difficult to collect all the thoughts and put in words. You have done a great job at this !

    • Parnashree Devi

      Thank you Vijay. Having such lovely words from you is awesome. I have poured my heart out in this post. I hope that I have put across my points clearly 🙂 Thanks again 🙂


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