Mcleordganj : Day 1

Exactly after
six months from my last visit to Mukteshwar ( Uttarakhand) ,  I was all set to explore a new destination all
over again…….Mcleordganj which is known as “ Little Lhasa” …
To travel
miles after miles to explore a new place just excite me all the
time………Traveling for me it not only to visit tourist spots of the particular place
…Traveling for me is an opportunity to know the culture, its tradition and
people’s lifestyle of the place and most importantly it gives me space to know
the place more closely. 
I was
waiting to board the train at Old Delhi Station …..Exactly 10.25 PM, the
Dhauladhar express just arrived in the platform. For few seconds I just became
nostalgic about my last trip to the hills …..As time
passed, I also moved with new excitements and expectation to explore a new
place once again …… As the train took its turns on the track ,I could feel that
I was moving more close to my destination with the passing time……….
the cold breeze just touched my face through the window……I could not even
resist to feel the beautiful morning where sun was about to spread away its
sunshine on the paradise on earth……and the train finally stopped … was 8.30
A.M …I was in Pathankot Station…..

I think
it is quite obvious to make a constant comparison when your last visit was also
to hill station and you had an amazing experience.And guess what? I was also
doing exactly the same….but one thing I realized during my two visits in
the hills soon after my arrival in the stations that Kathgodam Station was much
cleaner and well organized than the Pathankot Station …..Anyway I stepped
forward soon to get a cab to reach my destination ………Mcleordganj

Pathankot to Mcleordganj is a 3-4 hours journey by cab… I was all set to
explore Mcleordganj  – a place which is
known for its Monasteries , Tibetan culture , good food and also for its
unspoiled nature it offers without even your own choice……Mcleordganj is also
known for its holiness Dalai Lama’s residence ..It’s often called “Little
Lhasa”. One can silently peep into the life of a monk and get a good sense of
Buddhism. As I was climbing up in the hills I observed that in compare to Uttarakhand,
though Himachal Pradesh offers a panoramic view of Himalaya but I think I
missed the freshness and spectacular view of hills of Uttarakhand……I think I am
biased…..What you say ???????

But soon
I was offered the great Dhauladhar mountain range ……and I can’t wait to tell
you that I simply felt I was  in the
midst of a beautifully designed paradise ….I started capturing the amazing view
into my camera……

It was
almost 11 AM I was in Dharamshala…..a few kilometer to Mcleordganj….I was tired
and exhausted at that point…..but I must inform you that the road from
Dharamshala to Mcleordganj is frightening …. One narrow lane where one vehicle is
allowed at one time….In spite of the spectacular view of the Himalayas,
I just hold my breathe after experiencing the narrow stiff lane …..It was quite
an experience I had ….but I must appreciate the driver…..
finally I entered Mcleordganj ……In the narrow crowded lane where I could see a
lots of tourists specially a lot foreigners on the road, I could see the Little
Lhasa with its rich Tibetan culture , the lifestyle and people with their
traditional attire. But the monks with its holiness around just added a new
meaning to this “Little Lhasa” .




  1. Parnashree

    @Abhijit ….Its not the fortune , but the effort to make it happen…DO try top take out some time to be with nature and with different people in many different places………Its a real pleasure

  2. Abhijit

    You are a blessed and fortunate lady .you have ventured so many places at your early ages.when god will provide me thus opportunity???

  3. Anoop H

    nice work! btw where did u get this template from?


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