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Travel is the buzz word nowadays. Almost everyone is talking about travel in every possible way. From destinations, experiences, to do’s and don’ts, it feels like every other person has become a traveller. Travel has literally become an addiction.  The easy access to information, lucrative travel offers, and the quest to discover places around the globe make people celebrate travel in a new way.I truly believe that there is a thin line between a tourist and a traveller. The way everybody is embracing travel as their ultimate goal, a few questions just concern me at this hour of the day…..

  • Are you a responsible traveller?
  • Are you a smart traveller?
  • Do you know how to travel light?
  • Are you aware of smart travel products and accessories?

I always happen to encounter a regular bunch of people who struggle a lot with their extra luggage in the airport. If I talk about other public transports like bus and train, the scene is equally disappointing. I believe that we need to prepare ourselves in many different degrees when it comes to travel. Most of us still have not learnt the art of travelling light. We tend to carry as much as we can in our trolley bags. Not just that, we don’t mind paying extra for our luggage. Time is changing fast and it is high time we should know how to travel smart across the globe.


But the question is, how to travel smart? Basecamp Traveller is the answer to your query. Basecamp Traveller is the first retail chain to offer a wide range of travel accessories, with internationally acclaimed brands under one roof. Not just bags, the most innovative, stylish and smart travel accessories are what Basecamp is all about. The distinctive quality about this store is that it is not just another luggage store but it also provides solutions to all your travel needs.


When I was invited to the store launch of  Basecamp Traveller in Connaught place, Delhi, it was a complete new world for me. I was drawn to the name itself. Basecamp Traveller – from where the journey begins. The very first thing which caught my attention, was a wide range of products from National Geographic. Apparently, these products are exclusively available in Basecamp Traveller stores across the country. Basecamp houses a wide range of National Geographic products from hard luggage to small backpacks in various colours, highly stylized and designed by experts. It provides safety and durability of the hard luggage.


Another brand which looked quite promising was Greystone. If you are someone who loves to travel light and make a fashion statement with your unique style of travelling, Greystone has a perfect product to compliment your statement loud. Greystone offers bags which are durable and strong at the same time. Greystone’s bags are made of aeroplane grade aluminium which is sleek, smart and stylish.

BeFunky Collage

Brand Trawell

I was pretty impressed by their in house brand named TraWell, which offers some cool travel accessories like portable shower, mosquito net hat, a small medicine kit to smart locks, etc.

Basecamp also houses one of the famous brands called Echolac, which is regarded as the pioneer of the hard case briefcase. It offers complete scratch proof briefcases at very reasonable prices. The Echolac range covers trolleys, overnight bags to normal handheld briefcases, business bags and multiple business organisers. One more brand which you should consider is Greenhermit,which provides amazingly light weighted bags that can carry more than 40 KG of weight and the same bag can be folded like a small pouch.

Basecamp is a brain child of Mr. Anish Goel, who is the Managing Director of Basecamp Traveller India. According to him, one should travel smart, not only by wearing smart casuals, but it is important to carry smart luggage and easy travel accessories too. While having the conversation with Mr. Goel, I got to know about his passion for travel and the urge to educate the young travellers. While travelling to other parts of the world, we not only represent ourselves in a foreign country, but we represent our own country as well. So, it is extremely important to carry ourselves well, not just by dressing smartly, but also by our behaviour. He also stressed on Travel Etiquettes which is a defining factor of one’s personality.

So, why to carry so much luggage when everything can fit in one suitcase? Are you still wondering? Pay a visit to the Basecamp Traveller store and you will find your answers in every corner of the store.


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